Session 22: The Life of the Sun

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF222J, Spiritual Sun Vortex from The Spiritual Sun; on ISF224J, Spiritual Sun Lifting from The Spiritual Sun.


With the anchoring of the solar fire within the heart centre your relationship with the soul of the Sun opens to offer new possibilities. You may find a greater sense of integration, so that what were previously journeys through spaces external to yourself now reveal themselves more as journeys within the inner spaces of your own being. You may also find an easier acceptance of the beauty of your own being, in that the beauty of the soul of the Sun, for instance, feels less separate from you and more part of a totality of experience in which boundaries are less obvious or relevant.

Specifically in this session you have the opportunity in the first inner journey to merge consciousness with the phoenix and move through the Wall of Fire within the compass of the solar heart, and in the second inner journey to come to know more of the Divine Plan for the Sun and your own expression of this aspect of the Divine Plan.

Be at ease with the development of your own understanding. There is a continuing process, aided by the solar angels and devas with the oversight of Azrael, to help you add fluidity of thought and feeling to your mental and emotional bodies. Finding that old concepts no longer hold good or that new concepts are hazy or fleeting may be a natural part of this process. So that for instance if you find yourself unable to put into words your sense of your part in the Divine Plan, it may simply be that there are no words adequate to the task; it is better lived than spoken of.

At the same time, in the living of that Plan day by day, ideas and concepts may continue to be highly useful to you, and you may find some of these come to you as new insights, though their place in the bigger context of the Divine Plan may only begin to be seen with hindsight. Allow yourself, then, to follow the joy of the moment and let it reveal its significance to you in whatever way helps you to be more fully in that moment, whether that is now or later.

Session 23: The Shimmering Heart

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF232J, Great Bear from Star Journeys; on ISF234J, Rising into Light from Initiation.


Now we develop the solar heart further, moving towards a state of constant effortless presence. This comes over time; initially Sananda is teaching a way of moving back and forth through the Wall of Fire with increasing rapidity that develops into a shimmer. The solar heart becomes a stable self-sustaining presence in our lives. Allow this state to become your experience at a pace you are comfortable with. Your personality may benefit from time to adjust to a different sense of yourself as the solar fire transmutes old ways of identifying yourself into new ways that are less fixed and more generated by each moment for that moment.

In the first inner journey, as the walls of the Angelic Temple dissolve, Sananda facilitates a greater awareness of connections to an immense group of beings of light, of which the solar angels are just a small part, whom he refers to simply as the Host of Heaven. The solar fire helps us connect with these beings, lighting up the flows of energy that link us. As these connections open up you may find a sense of a distinct form coming into being for the solar fire: an inverted cone or vortex centring on the most brilliant light at the heart of the solar heart. Into this space your divine self may also become more present.

Session 24: The Ceremony of Initiation

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF242J, Blending with Your Soul from Becoming Your Soul; on ISF244J, The Master of Light from Solar Light Transmissions.


We connect again with the Host of Heaven to open out an important knowing of your potential: that you have access to the infinite. The expression of your light as you emerge through the Wall of Fire to generate experience within a given moment increases in range and fluency as you also recognise your connections from core reality with the Host of Heaven and the infinite scope those connections offer.

To put this another way, as your sense of oneness with the Source of All increases through experience, so the recognition of choices available to you in each moment increases and there is more space for your divine self to be present.

In the first inner journey Sananda helps you to experience that expansion into oneness, employing skills you have already been introduced to, as you deepen your conscious awareness of the Host of Heaven.

In the second inner journey you are invited to a ceremony which marks your graduation in this course. A group of Masters of Light drawn from the Host of Heaven join Azrael and the Solar Presence to offer you gifts of light that they help you to integrate into your energy field. These gifts support you in developing the skills you have acquired through this course, opening up new possibilities for you and helping you align with Divine Will more easily and fully.

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