Session 19: Anchoring Solar Fire

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF192J, The Master of Light from Solar Light Transmissions; on ISF194J, Blending with Your Soul from Becoming Your Soul.


So far in this initiation the gift of solar fire has rested free and unattached within your heart centre for you to explore and use. You have had the opportunity to become familiar and to tell yourself about it, even if the telling is not really in words, but more a kind of inner knowing. The quality of your experiences gives you a degree of insight into the nature of this gift.

Now, if you wish, you may take ownership of this gift by entering a new stage of the initiation. Under the guidance of Azrael and the auspices of the Solar Presence the gift becomes yours, integrated with the threefold flame within the heart centre, sometimes called the jewel within the heart or the sacred flame.

This integration can bring with it a greater sense of the presence of the solar fire within the heart, and in this part of the course you will explore further what that means for you.

In the first inner journey Sananda guides you through this ceremony of anchoring the gift of solar fire within your heart centre.

In the second inner journey you begin to explore the experience of solar fire as an integral aspect of the heart centre.

Session 20: Freedom to Be

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF202J, Cellular Evolution from Becoming Your Soul; on ISF204J, Angels of Love from Angels.


As solar fire becomes established in the heart centre, you may find a state of consciousness that Sananda calls Freedom to Be. The solar becomes self-sustaining, free from energy input by you. You become both witness and experiencer, allowing an continuous opening of the solar heart as it expresses its nature. This state supports the emergence of your divine self, making it easier for you to know and be your divine self.

In the first inner journey Sananda introduces this state of Freedom to Be.

With the emergence of the divine comes a renewed focus on how you, as your divine self, express yourself in the world. In the second inner journey you return to the light of wonder to experience its movement with and through the solar heart to touch the world.

Session 21: You Are Love

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF212J, Temple Gardens from Temple of the Masters; on ISF214J, Songs of the One Suite 1 from Solar Light Transmissions.


In the previous session you explored how the light of wonder helps you witness all that your world is with some of the bliss of your divine self. In this session Sananda takes you beyond witnessing or touching the world to engagement. How do you embrace the world as your divine self? These explorations are only a beginning, but you may find the phenomena of your life – everything that makes up you experience of being human, from the ground beneath your feet to the most subtle feeling – revealing more of the light behind all. In doing so, you may also find it easier to know the love of your divine self and to know that you are that love.

In the first inner journey Sananda helps you to witness light in all phenomena and through that witnessing to experience your oneness with everything that constitutes your human life.

In the second inner journey your divine self becomes more present, so that you may know more of the love you are.

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