Session 10: Through the Wall of Fire

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF102J, Rising into Light from Initiation; on ISF104J, Light Emerging from Awakening Your Heart Center.


Now we return to the Wall of Fire with all of the skills and experiences gained since your visit earlier in the course. Your growing familiarity with solar fire, the merging with phoenix presence and opening to the fire aspect of your being, all facilitate your moving back and forth through the Wall of Fire.

Our first inner journey takes you to the Wall of Fire, so that you may observe its powerful electro-magnetic field and the discharge of energy you can experience as you draw closer to it. You might find a similar feel to what happens when you push together two magnets with matching poles facing each other (the analogy that Sananda uses). The resistance may not be physical in these inner spaces, but we might say it belongs to the same family. We will come later to ways in which this discharge of energy may be used. For now, this journey helps you become more conversant with the nature and behaviours of the Wall of Fire.

It can be helpful to remember that coming to know a phenomenon like the Wall of Fire is not quite the same as scientific analysis, though it may have some common features, indeed perhaps more than you might expect. For instance, the ability to sit patiently with your own experience and to observe it as it is without judgement is quite a scientific approach. What makes the biggest difference is that you are observing inwardly. So even something like the Wall of Fire, which you might experience very much as an external observer, at least initially, is not susceptible the same sort of objective description that a scientist would use. You are changing what you observe because in many important ways it is part of you. In addition, understanding of what you are observing comes not through description or breaking it down into component parts (though these skills may still have a useful contribution), but through your interaction with it, your experience of it, and you willingness to allow yourself to grow through that interaction.

In the second inner journey Sananda guides you to take on more of the condition of fire, so that you may move through the Wall of Fire. This passage through may on subsequent occasions be very brief or fairly gradual; there is no particular significance at this stage to how rapidly you move through the wall, but it is useful to let go of any notion of a right speed. Let your experience be as it is. Later we will be looking at the manner of movement through the Wall of Fire in relationship to the release of electro-magnetic energy and the charging up of your own energy field.

Session 11: The Space of Wonder

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF112J, Solar Contact from Temple of the Masters; on ISF114J, Temple Gardens from Temple of the Masters.


We begin to explore core reality in the first inner journey by moving through the Wall of Fire into a primary condition, the Space of Wonder. One of the easiest ways to access the gifts the core reality offers us is to move into this space. It’s one we will continue to explore and develop through the rest of the course. As you move into the Space of Wonder you may notice a natural resonance with your own inner light. For your divine self it is what Sananda calls an emergent state, a state of consciousness that facilitates your divine self becoming more present in your life. By its nature the Space of Wonder is not about answers, solutions, resolutions or even understanding as we often think about it. Rather it offers beauty and a space to respond to or be in a state of beauty.

As you move to and fro through the Wall of Fire you may notice that you do not always return to the location from which you entered the wall. Think of it as a phenomenon that arises in a world of energy whenever the conditions are right. In the first journey of this session, you discover the Wall of Fire occurring within the universe of light through which you are travelling with phoenix presence, while on returning you arrive in a more specific location.

In the second journey Sananda helps you place the Space of Wonder in the context of core reality, drawing your attention especially to potential: energy preparing to become choices and opportunity. In this journey, as in other recent journeys, the light of grace plays a part. It helps us to integrate change and to accept the gifts that core reality offers us for enriching our experience of local reality. This light is flooding into our world and it plays a fundamental role in increasing consciousness. For now, notice how its presence affects your experience.

Session 12: The Light of Grace

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Music by Thaddeus: on ISF122J, Healing Treatment from Becoming Your Soul; on ISF124J, Divine Spark from Initiation.


We continue developing experience of core reality through named qualities of light that you can steer to. In the first inner journey Sananda sets up a more formal relationship between the light of wonder and the light of grace. You are guided again into core reality, passing with the help of the Phoenix through the Wall of Fire to be in the place of wonder initially. Then a downpouring of the light of grace begins to interact with the light of wonder, suggesting the potential for choices that may then be made manifest in a local reality. The combination of these two primary qualities of light creates a stable state, a threshold where we may contemplate movement into a local reality, whilst simultaneously being content with core reality.

This contentment expands in the second inner journey to a simple state of consciousness that Sananda calls ‘being with Source’. Allow it to be simple; for in this way you may discover much about your relationship with the Source of All. By releasing any need to make your experience other than it is, you may find a natural ease in this relationship and that then becomes a foundation state upon which much may be built.

As you explore being within this blend of the light of wonder and the light of grace, you may find it valuable to observe the Source of All present in every aspect of your being and your experience. This observation then builds incrementally into a presence of light that supersedes the characteristic limitations of your human energy field which have accompanied you into core reality. There is a gradual and ongoing process of rebirth as you dissolve sheathes that you acquired for entry into this local reality through your physical birth and which you have then developed through lived experience.

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