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Most Heaven on Earth courses and services are offered free or for a donation of your choice. Here’s why:

It’s long been a tradition that spiritual teachings should be offered freely and I have felt a deep respect for this tradition. Other spiritual teachers for whom I also have an admiration have used a different approach, saying that setting a comparatively high price helps people appreciate and value their teaching more. This too feels a valid argument to me. Indeed a gift that came out of looking at this whole area was the realisation that there can be more than one right answer.

For many years I chose a middle way. I wanted such teachings to be as normal as a Spanish class or as hiring a plumber. I used a structure familiar to many self-employed people, a structure of fixed prices (with some concessionary rates) designed to put these teachings within the reach of as many people as possible, while bringing a sufficient income for me to continue the work I love.

More recently I found myself guided to change to this policy. I have been guided to offer most of our courses and services on a donation basis. I wish these teachings to be widely available and recognise that there are great disparities of financial wealth in our world. Letting people choose what they wish to pay for a course; the £100 that is an enormous amount for one person, is scarcely noticed by another. At the same time the feedback I have received suggests that choosing how much to donate can leave some people feeling awkward or nonplussed. Therefore you will find suggested donation guidelines for Heaven on Earth’s courses.

Sananda’s teaching is that the fundamental energy that manifests as money is love. Properly understood, money is simply a way of packaging love so that it is convenient and versatile for the recipient. Our world is moving into a greater understanding of the true nature of money. It continues to be very useful to us and we may find ourselves seeing the love out of which it is made with increasing clarity. I greatly appreciate the support I have received and continue to receive from many of you for the work of Heaven on Earth. Thank you.

Please note: Not all Heaven on Earth courses, services and products are covered by this policy. Here are the exceptions, with brief explanations:

  • CDs and Starlight Essences – because of the material costs
  • Residential courses – because of attendant costs and overheads
  • Awakening Your Light Body course – I choose to align with the pricing policy of this course’s creators, Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman

If you wish to support our work you can do so here


If you would like to support our work, please do so here. All donations are gratefully received and acknowledged. Thank you.


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