In most traditions here on Earth, the Earth has been seen as Mother. Your physical body is given to you by the Earth, just as the body you were born with was given you by your mother, so this makes very good sense.

But if we look at a different level, we might see something different. At this time the Earth has newly completed a cycle of activity and from the heart of the Earth comes a burst of light which is given to the Sun. This gift of soul light allows the Sun to begin a process of building a new body of light for humanity. Outwardly you may find little correlation between these flows of light and the behaviour of the physical sun beyond some disruption of familiar cycles. As an individual human you can drink in this new light from the Sun and allow it to usher your etheric body into an ongoing process of transformation.

We may also suggest that the Sun and the Earth are neither male nor female. Rather it might be that the reversal of a familiar way of thinking encourages a greater ease of flow within the mental body that is itself characteristic of the changes this new dispensation brings.


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