Heaven on Earth

teachings from the realms of light for a life of joy


On a hill outside a small town in Europe a group of mathematicians, musicians and meditators are gathered. They are using electro-magnetic fields to move the moisture in the air of late afternoon until the dampness turns here and there to a thin mist. The pure notes of the musicians hold these mists still in places and the sunlight on them creates rainbows. All of the men and women here, children too, some in silence, some softly singing, begin to weave iridescent patterns in the networks of droplets that are floating on the air.

There are mathemusicians and psychomathematicians here too, for there is a mathematics of consciousness which they study and use to collaborate with the electro-magnetic fields in creating these forms of light; while the mathemusicians understand the universal laws of vibration and create sympathetic harmonies with the air. On these harmonies the songs and inner light of this group create variations and embellishments, whims and fancies of rainbow light, and a temple of light comes into being around them.

Sometimes as the sun sets they stay on under the stars, focusing on whichever star they have chosen for the night; letting this more subtle light form more the subtle starbows, until there is an opening between realities and they sing with their sisters and brothers from the stars.

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