Love changes all things. Love can change time too. When you love a moment it expands. There is more room for you, and the love that each moment brings is easier for you to discover.

You are given moments, many moments of time in a life, so that you may have many unique opportunities to explore the love that comes from the Source of All. Together these moments create your experience of time. They become a narrative and they become a diary of a purpose lived.

But each moment is also wholly unique, unaffected by what has gone before or by what follows. As you love each moment purely for itself, for the gift that it is, so you begin to experience time as your soul does, as a perfect flow of the timeless now. In that flow your soul finds its purpose fulfilled. It gathers the gift of love and expresses the love that is given. You can learn to trust yourself as deeply as your soul does, to trust that the love you find in each moment will bring you to the fulfilment of your purpose.

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