The Guides Series: 2

Illumination with Your Guide

Introduction to the course


This course builds on the first in The Guides series: Friendship with Your Guide. Now the guides are developing these teachings further, helping you to experience expanded states of consciousness that are closer to the knowing you have at soul level.

This soul level knowing is a state of harmony with Divine Will. It is an expansion into the acceptance, understanding and non-attachment that is naturally yours at soul level, rather than that possession of a correct answer for every question our personality selves may be tempted to wish for. At this level it becomes easier to see and understand everyone’s point of view as well as your own. It becomes easier to make the choices that are for your own highest good and the highest good of all.

Sananda and the Guides will be taking you into some very beautiful spaces of light where you will connect with beings who are offering the light of grace to the consciousness of humanity. In the inner journeys with Sananda spaces will open for you within the Universal Mind where you may connect with states of knowing beyond thought. You will be helped to build your inner light so that it is more present for you in your daily life. As you awaken more of your inner light your guide will be helping you to strengthen your connection upwards to the higher dimensions of your being, allowing more of your Divine Self to find expression through you.

Foreword from Christopher

A little while ago a group of guides came to me as I meditated and said that they would be working with me from then on. I was surprised and initially had little idea of what work they might have in mind. Before long it became clearer, and this course is the second stage of that work.

The Guides, for this is the name I know this group by, wish to help us to appreciate and use more of our innate abilities, to recognise and live our oneness with all life, and to realise our Divine Essence. In this course they offer ways of bringing more of your soul’s light into your life and letting that light illuminate your life and your world to bring you greater clarity, harmony and fulfilment.

As human beings we are used to having distinct, individual and separate bodies. They are so real and present to us that we may easily lose sight of more subtle aspects of our world. All the while a deeper part of us has a different understanding. This part knows that we are not, never have been, never will be, separate; that we are always connected to all that is. 

All the while unseen friends wait for us, aware and responsive to our needs and wishes, and respectful of our independence. As we remember that we are not physical beings alone, but spiritual beings, beings of light who have taken on human form, our energy fields become more permeable, more open to connections with other beings of light in other forms. Such openness is a movement into greater love and a deeper recognition of our oneness with the world. It is an openness that repays itself. Like a flower, as we open we grow, as we grow we open.

Your guide will help you to move beyond the limits of the individual mind into states of knowing where you may more easily witness the beauty of all creation and find within yourself those paths and choices that take you higher and add to your aliveness.This course is designed to help you to make greater use of the connections your friends of light, the guides, are offering humanity. They are using their skills to ‘shape’ environments of light that help you to recognise your oneness and appreciate its meaning for you.

Right now we are living in a time in which there is an increased communion between the reality of our unseen friends and ours. Currents of energy flow between these realities more freely than has been the case for a while. You are born into this time by choice and one important factor in your choice was the recognition that you could take advantage of these increased flows.

Foreword from Sananda

You are moving into a time when your relationship with the guides who love to help you can grow much closer. New ways of communicating are opening up and new possibilities for collaboration are beginning to become present on the earth plane.

If you are drawn to this course, you may have been hearing and feeling your own guide’s enthusiasm to share more of the joy that these new opportunities offer. In this course you will be opening to the Universal Mind and leaving behind older, more constrained ways of thinking about yourself and the world in which you live. Your guide will be helping you release the limitations of judgement and self-judgement so that you way know more of the limitless wisdom of your soul.

Introduction from the Guides

In this course, we will be helping you to open a space within the sea of consciousness that facilitates your inner knowing and supports the expression of more of your inner light. We will call this space a space of illumination.  We say ‘a’ rather than ‘the’ because within the sea of consciousness there are innumerable spaces of illumination. The particular space that we are helping you to access is designed for human consciousness at this stage in your evolution. It builds on the awarenesses you already have and the direction of travel that you have chosen as the human race. 

The trajectory of your forward movement through time is more beautiful than you may have been willing to give yourself credit for. One of the explorations we will be helping you to make, as you study the skills we share with you in this course, is of that trajectory, so that you may experience a sense akin to flying: a movement of the spirit that encourages and supports your belief and knowing of your infinite beauty as beings. We wish you to feel supported, for you are deeply loved and trusting in that love helps you to open your wings and move to a new level of consciousness. You are ready for this; indeed many of you have been waiting for this time.

The change you have been seeking comes through you. As you change, your world changes. You are the means by which the world changes. The space of illumination that we are teaching you to access is designed to help you distinguish more clearly between that which is your unchanging essence and that which has been of temporary assistance, bringing you to this present moment and having done so has fulfilled its purpose and become redundant.There is no obligation to abandon what is redundant; travellers like mementos. But it is useful for you to know the difference between what is vital and what is kept for old times’ sake. If you would fly, it helps to travel light.

The space of illumination is not static, but alive just as you are. Its light interacts with your light and it is our aim to facilitate that interaction, helping you to maximise the joy that light experiences as it connects with light. In a sense you are that joy, the product of light interacting with light. You are living in a time when the opportunities for knowing your light are increasing. Your light is continuous with everyone else’s light. There is no definite boundary where your light ends and the light of another begins. At the same time you are a distinct individual being. You are a focus of consciousness, an aspect of the Source of All upon which the Source bestows infinite attention. It is the infinite attention that grants you your unique presence.

The space of illumination is designed to refresh your connection with Source. As you connect with the light of which it is made that light begins to create new pathways within your overall energy field that by degrees bring light to or liberate light within the cells that make up your physical body. This is a process that takes its own time; you can relax into the process and travel with it. You need neither to urge it on or to hold it back. Let yourself become its flow.

Although your essence is unchanging, it expresses itself through you in a world of change. It creates for you fresh moments in which you can explore the magnificence of your being. Within each moment you are creative. Out of the infinite potential you create that which feels to you the fullest expression of your essence that is available to you. Expressing yourself in each new moment creates for you the experience of flow. The space of illumination is designed to enhance your sense of flow. Flow is not about speed or rate of change, but rather about aliveness. How alive do you feel?

Grace is the quality of light that carries you from one moment to the next. Gradually as humanity you will find yourselves moving into a continuous now. Grace is a light that is pouring into your world at this time and will carry you into an experience of time which is much more like the eternal now of your soul. Grace, as part of its function, tends to wash away energy forms that hold you in the past. You might consider that grace has no interest in the past, only the present. It comes to encourage you to gather attention it has been scattered across time into the present moment, your point of power.

Within the space of illumination the light of grace is very active. This space is designed to hold the light of grace as an electromagnetic field might hold a process of nuclear fusion. As you draw redundant energy forms out of the past and future into this crucible the light of grace dissolves them into a richer present. We will be working with you, both as a community of guides and with each one of you as individual guides, to assist you in knowing more of the inherent richness of your light. We trust that you find both the process and the goal joyful.

The Structure of the Course

Course schedule

12 live sessions each Tuesday evening from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm (UK time) starting on 1 June 2021 plus optional zoom sessions on Saturday mornings for sharing and questions.

Course materials

The course will consist of 24 inner journeys, with introductory talks from Christopher and essays from The Guides. The recordings will be available to download individually as mp3 files or all together at the end of the course as a zip file. The notes will be available to download as a pdf file in either A4 or US Letter format for you to print out if you wish.

Using the media player

A reminder: Do not listen while driving.

Since the inner journeys may take you into deep states of relaxation, do not listen to them when driving or doing anything, such as operating machinery, that requires you to be alert and focused on the outer world.

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