The Guides Series: 1

Friendship with Your Guide

Introduction to the course


This course offers a wonderful opportunity to deepen your relationship with a special being who has unconditional love for you and a great joy in helping you on your path of spiritual growth. Whether you are already experienced in connecting with your guide or this is a new area that you are drawn to explore, the skills you learn here can help you to access, appreciate and apply more of your own innate wisdom, insights and understanding. These skills can assist you in knowing more of the innate beauty of your being and the purpose that brought you to be present on Earth.  This can be the beginning of an adventure in consciousness, where your guide supports you as you reveal to yourself more and more of your Divine Essence.

Foreword from Christopher

A little while ago a group of guides came to me as I meditated and said that they would be working with me from then on. I was surprised and initially had little idea of what work they might have in mind. Before long it became clearer, and this course is the first stage of that work.

The Guides, for this is the name I know this group by, wish to help us to appreciate and use more of our innate abilities, to recognise and live our oneness with all life, and to realise our Divine Essence. In this course they offer ways of deepening your connection with your own guide so that you may come to know more of your own wisdom and the beauty of your being.

As human beings we are used to having distinct, individual and separate bodies They are so real and present to us that we may easily lose sight of more subtle aspects of our world. All the while a deeper part of us has a different understanding. This part knows that we are not, never have been, never will be, separate; that we are always connected to all that is. 

All the while unseen friends wait for us, aware and responsive to our needs and wishes, and respectful of our independence. As we remember that we are not physical beings alone, but spiritual beings, beings of light who have taken on human form, our energy fields become more permeable, more open to connections with other beings of light in other forms. Such openness is a movement into greater love and a deeper recognition of our oneness with the world. It is an openness that repays itself. Like a flower, as we open we grow, as we grow we open.

This course is designed to help you to make greater use of the connections your friends of light, the guides, are offering humanity. They are using their skills to ‘shape’ environments of light that help you to recognise your oneness and appreciate its meaning for you.

Right now we are living in a time in which there is an increased communion between the reality of our unseen friends and ours. Currents of energy flow between these realities more freely than has been the case for a while. You are born into this time by choice and one important factor in your choice was the recognition that you could take advantage of these increased flows.

Foreword from Sananda

Your guide is like the best kind of friend – supportive, encouraging and helpful, without ever criticising or judging you. To become a guide requires much training and a high level of spiritual evolution. Those beings who come to guide you consider it a great honour. Regard your guide as a friend, for this is how your guide sees you, as someone whom it is a pleasure to be with.

As you come to know your guide this relationship will deepen. You will, with your guide’s help, discover aspects of yourself that you may only have glimpsed before. For it is your guide’s purpose to help you to grow beyond what you have known before, so that more and more of the light within you may shine into your world and your life. More than anything else your guide wishes you deep and lasting joy in every aspect of your life.

The Structure of the Course

The course has twelve parts. Each builds on the preceding ones as they introduce and develop skills for deepening and enriching the relationship you have with your guide and with the realms of light your guide inhabits.

Each part begins with an introductory essay from The Guides in which they share their own perspective and help you to understand the background to the inner journeys.  This is followed by an introductory talk from Christopher and two inner journeys with Sananda. 

We recommend studying the parts in sequence first of all. In each part you may like to read the essay and listen to the talk before the inner journeys or you may prefer to start with the journeys. The course was originally taught over a twelve-week period. You may choose to spread your study out, perhaps over a similar timescale or more intensively or more gradually. Go with what suits you best.

As well as listening to the recorded journeys, we recommend developing these skills without the recordings. Choose a time when you can be relaxed and invite your guide to assist you as you go into the inner spaces and states of consciousness you are learning. 

Having completed the course, you may then like to go back to favourite journeys or essays to take these skills onwards and make them your own. You will find further suggestions in the What’s Next ?section at the end of these notes.

Using the media player

A reminder: Do not listen while driving.

Since the inner journeys may take you into deep states of relaxation, do not listen to them when driving or doing anything, such as operating machinery, that requires you to be alert and focused on the outer world.

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