Welcome to the Light Body Graduates Group live broadcasts

What to do next

To join the broadcast, enter your name and click Ok.

Once you have signed in, you will find:

  • A  speech bubble icon (its position varies according to your device). Click on it to type in any messages you wish to share. Once you’ve typed your message, use the return key to publish it.

You may also find (depending your device):

  • A camera icon. Click on it if you would like to be seen and heard.
  • A microphone icon. Click on it if you’d like to be heard only.

Your browser

These broadcasts should be available on all standard browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. If you have difficulties, Firefox currently seems to be the most reliable browser. If you don’t already have Firefox, you can download it here. You may then like to keep it on your desktop or somewhere where it is easy to access.

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