Inspiration is one of the qualities of light flowing strongly into your world now. Every day you can breathe this light in; it comes direct from the Source of All. Its purpose is to awaken within you the seeds of your own future. If you choose, you can breathe this light in with every breath.

And if you do, what happens to it then? This light mingles with the air you breathe; in a sense the air carries it. It circles around your heart, releasing bonds of mistaken belief. It liberates the knowledge of your Divine Self from deep within. For your Divine Self the light of inspiration is the currency in which it pays you for your willingness to be human. This light has the capacity to find the path that brings you to freedom and to illuminate it for you.

In each moment of this light a transaction occurs: you meet your Divine Self and your Divine Self reveals the Source of All to you. You are renewed and in that renewal you come to the world afresh. What was not possible before now becomes possible. Paths grow clearer. The light itself clears paths. The light of inspiration makes clear to you your own genius.



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