Initiation into Shamballa



From Shamballa comes an invitation to us all to recognise and use more of our inner light to help life on Earth move to its next level of consciousness.

About Shamballa

Shamballa is one of the names for a higher dimensional aspect of the Earth where the great beings of light who oversee the evolution of human consciousness reside. They hold a vision of the Divine Plan fulfilled and work for the highest good of all life. Shamballa has often been associated with the Himalayas or other remote places on the planet, but our path to Shamballa is through our own consciousness. In this course you are sponsored by beings of light who illuminate that path for you. Shamballa itself is a place of immense beauty, for here the deepest vision held in each human heart is made manifest.

The invitation from Shamballa

We are going to work with you more closely than ever before. Until now you have been in training. This is where the real work begins. Now is the time to act in the world. We are with you. All is well. We are delighted with you. Everyone is invited. There are no exceptions. 

The light is everywhere. Joy is abundant. Strength comes when we are together. Love connects us. Our light illuminates yours. There is no separation. Act in the world with us. Grace gives us to each other. Growth comes through giving. Grow with us. We can show you the way.

There is a door opening and light is flooding in. Come with us into the light. Grace guides your journey in the light. Let grace shape the light for you. When grace guides your choices we are in concert. Together we sing creation. We sing a new world into being. This new world is the outward expression of the deepest vision of your heart. Judge no one. Love all. This is our invitation to you.

The Initiation

The initiation is first way of responding to this invitation. It assists the building of the shared heart which is so fundamental to next stage of human evolution.

There are two stages. In the first four tracks you are introduced to a beautiful being of light who will be your sponsor. In the second four tracks your sponsor overlights you through the initiation into Shamballa. You are welcomed into a closer active relationship with the planetary hierarchy in their work of manifesting the Divine Plan on Earth. This is a wonderful opportunity to know more of your own higher path and receive much help for realising it in your life.

Engaging with the World

This initiation is complete in itself; it also introduces the Engaging with the World course which Sananda is teaching online through 2017. You can read more about it here.

How much

This course is offered for a payment of your choice.

Click here if you would like guidance on an appropriate payment

I suggest two approaches when deciding on an appropriate payment. Use whichever is helpful for you:

  • Let yourself become quiet and go within to find your own guidance.
  • Use as a guideline our former pricing structure for similar events where £10 would be the fee.