Recently I’ve come across articles suggesting that we live in a matrix reality, that we are like goldfish in a goldfish bowl swimming round and round a limited reality created by superior beings, and that it is incumbent upon us to escape. The strategy for escape that some are suggesting is a kind of uploading of our thoughts to a large (or perhaps not so large) memory stick, thus ensuring immortality and freedom.

There is some truth in this. We do live in an limited reality and we may choose to move beyond its limitations. Who then are the superior beings who have created this goldfish bowl? This is where I believe the misunderstandings come sneaking in. For the creators of the matrix are indeed superior beings with vast consciousness. They are we; it is we who create the matrix. There are layers of complexity, for we do not work alone, but it is we.

If we wish to escape from the makers of the matrix, we wish to escape from ourselves. We can do much, but we can’t do that – unless and until we understand more of who and what we are. For we can escape from misunderstanding. But in doing so we may find ourselves reframing the whole idea of escape.

I think that those who believe we can escape to immortality by preserving our thoughts, believe that we are our thoughts. We are not. There was a man who had a precious stamp collection. His house caught fire. He ran upstairs and threw his stamp collection out of the window. “All is well,” he cried as the flames rose up around him, “My stamp collection is safe.” That’s what your thoughts are: quite interesting, from all over the place, each with its own history, each attractive in its own way, perhaps even precious. But they are not you.

Matrix is the Latin word for womb. Do we need to escape from the womb? Escape is the wrong word. In the course of nature we leave the womb. We listen for the time. Together our mother’s body and our own collaborate to bring about our birth. We can trust this process and our trust helps the process. We need not fear the matrix, it has nurtured us until the right time.

Those who are exploring these ideas are doing something valuable. They are responding to the contractions of the womb. They know deep inside that it is time to be born. Many who are drawn to the ideas of a matrix reality and the primacy of thought come into our world from realities and dimensions in which the mental body has been highly developed and they have used these abilities on Earth very successfully, often in areas like computing where the ability to create complex mathematical and logical structures is of great benefit.

Partly because they the been so successful in using the power of the mind, partly because some are comparatively unfamiliar with the earth plane, there can be an understandable identification with the power of thoughts and ideas. This can lead some to overlook a crucial truth about this reality. It is our thoughts more than anything else that hold this reality in place. The very thoughts and ideas they wish to preserve are the matrix from which they wish to escape.

When you feel the flames rising, respond to them – but don’t bother with the stamp collection.

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