Think of help as energy that wasn’t available to you before. When you accept help you welcome an energy from outside or access an energy within. Either way something in your energy field has changed to enable this acceptance. What changes? How can you welcome more help into your life?

Essentially your energy field becomes more receptive. It softens, its boundaries become less opaque and less rigid. Its texture becomes more diffuse and particular kinds of magnetism come into play. This magnetism is important. It is a quality fundamental to your being; it is that within you that knows oneness and calls you to it. The opening of your energy field allows this call to be heard and responded to.

If you are to use the help you receive, you must also have capacity: the ability to integrate that help so that it becomes yours. This will always mean growing. All help that comes to you, comes to help you grow. So you might consider that your process of opening to receive and use help is in many ways the essence of the help itself.

Here then are several suggestions for how you may open to receive more help and increase your capacity for the help you receive.

  1. Relax and open your arms to receive. This also helps open your heart. Say (choose your own words) something like: “I welcome the abundant help of the Universe”.
  2. Be willing to grow. Create thoughts and images of yourself growing now in wisdom, love and joy.
  3. Feel gratitude.
  4. Look within for that magnetic light. It is not in one place, but many. You might experience it as many softly glowing points of light within your energy field.
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