Your light makes a difference to the children of the world. You can lay your light down as a path along which children may come into this world. That path of light makes it easier for them to bring more of their soul’s light with them. It diminishes the abruptness of the shift between realities, making the departure from the realms of spirit easier. Your light welcomes them into the world. It helps them thrive.

What you do for one child, you can do for all. It is as easy as expanding your intention from one to all. Then, as time goes on, children preparing to enter this world, sitting, so to speak, on the edge of the Sun waiting to jump, see a sea of arms welcoming them, waiting to catch them as they fall.

They enter a world of welcome which enables them to bring a full heart. In this age one of the primary means of importing love into your world is as freight in the hearts of the newborn. The bridge of light you build for them to cross makes it easier for them to carry within their hearts love drawn from many levels of their being and from many different realms and dimensions, which then, with your help, they can embody here.

There is a richness of love and light, the air of the higher dimensions, that has not been readily accessible to you on Earth. It is flowing into your world as a tide. But just as a tide is made of many waves, so it is through the actions of individuals that this tide arrives. Opening your heart to the unborn and not yet conceived, so that your light may touch them and assure them of their value, enables them to bring that value to the Earth.

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