Visit to the Starlight Temple

A Visit to the Starlight Temple with Sananda and Christopher

A message from Sananda

The stars are helping you to reinstate your galactic heritage. Each one of you has a background in a universe of light of which the stars are both a manifestation and a reminder. In taking on human form you have woven light gifted you by the stars to create the etheric body which is the template upon which your human body and presence are built. At this time the etheric body is beginning to be renewed, and you can use a conscious connection with the stars to assist and facilitate this process.

A visit to the Starlight Temple

A guided inner journey recorded specifically for you is one way in which you may facilitate this process, building your conscious awareness of yourself as a beautiful presence here on Earth, and helping you dissolve energy tangles or blocks that may have been holding you back.
Your inner journey from Sananda will be channelled and recorded specifically for you. In it you will be helped to connect with a group of luminous beings who come to help as healers, teachers and facilitators, directing the light of the stars to wherever that light can be of the greatest benefit for you.

You can read more about Sananda and Christopher here and some responses to visits to the Starlight Temple here.

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