Angelic Guidance with Zadkiel

Angelic Guidance with Zadkiel and Carrie

What is an angelic guidance reading?

Connecting with Zadkiel helps people renew their minds, aiding them to let go of negativity and recover their sense of inner peace, confidence in themselves and so restore balance in their own lives and within relationships with others. His loving guidance can help one to recognise one’s own divine essence and then to perceive it in others too. I know for sure that Zadkiel is not only gently powerful, he brings patience. Patience is a life lesson I am still learning – a little more patiently these days I’m delighted to say. So I can affirm that this wonderful angelic being consistently demonstrates tolerance, total non-judgement and holds a deep affection for all of humanity, for all of life in every form. There is much more. However I must mention Zadkiel’s encouragement to ‘follow your joy’. I remain in absolute joyful gratitude for this connection.

More about Carrie and Zadkiel

Carrie1I’m Carrie Harris and I offer spiritual guidance with the loving help of my own angelic guide, Zadkiel. I love the work I do. I was guided to begin this path many years ago by my guide who I only knew simply as ‘Friend’ for around 30 years. 4 years ago I discovered, when responding to another’s question, that my friend had a name: Archangel Zadkiel. It is this guided loving wisdom that pervades through all the work I do, and throughout all aspects of my life.

Angels are messengers. That is part of their purpose. They joyfully bring the energy of the Love from the Source of All in many differing ways, to all life. The love that each angel brings is at all times available, yet is offered, not imposed. It is there when we are ready to receive, to the extent we are willing to accept it. So inviting or asking for help or guidance brings joy to each angel you connect with. Time after time it has been made clear that there isn’t any question, or request, that is too trivial. For the more we connect with the angels the more love and joy is available to all.

Zadkiel is known as one of the Archangels. Throughout many traditions, religious, esoteric and astrology etc the Archangel Zadkiel is associated with compassion, restoration, mercy, kindness, transmutation and transformation. Also freedom to live authentically through emotional healing and forgiveness. Zadkiel works within the violet light ray, (which represents mercy, compassion and transformation). He helps transmutes and transform lower or negative thought forms or energy back into its true higher form. When this happens you are free and ready to express your true self, realise your full potential, experience the joy of life.

How might an angelic guidance session help me?

  • Have you a decision to make and would welcome some help?
  • Are you feeling stuck, with the same old patterns repeating no matter what?
  • Would you welcome some loving insights into your current situation?
  • Do you wish for a greater or clearer connection to your own guardian angel?
  • Are you longing to live life authentically and with a sense of purpose?
  • Could some wise, compassionate and loving guidance benefit you right now?

Yes? Then invite the angelic presence of Zadkiel to converse with you, guide you and aid you to come back to your own best self, your sense of purpose, your vibrant peace and quiet sustaining inner joy.

How long is a session and what does it cost?

A guidance session with Zadkiel can take 60 – 80 minutes. It can take place over the telephone or via Skype (which can now include an mp3 recording if wished).

I ask £50 for a session; however if you are on a low income please contact me to discuss. You can pay by cheque, debit/credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. Appointments are available during the day – 9am – 6pm, plus some evenings and weekend slots, subject to availability.

How can I arrange for an angelic guidance reading?

Simply phone, write or email to book an appointment.

Use this form to send an email:

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