EW Participants Part 5

Engaging with the World: Part 5

Trusting Events

Trust is an active process of engagement with the world. You are at once a powerful creator of your own reality and part of a limitless consciousness exploring all that is. Here you will learn skills for bringing these two ways of understanding yourself together. You have the capacity to witness the events of your life and the world around you from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. You can experience yourself as creator, observer and participant. You will be guided to find new levels of understanding that bring you a deeper realisation of inner peace.

As your trust deepens, so your engagement with the flow of events becomes clearer. It is easier to see the connection between the light of the inner world and its outward manifestation as experiences and events. In this part of the course you may recognise yourself more fully as a co-creator of your world, increasing your sense of fulfilment and helping others to recognise and use their own innate gifts.

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Music by Thaddeus: Track 66 – Manifesting Potential Consciousness in Motion from Into the One Divine Self; Track 68 – Silent Majesty from Temple of the Masters; Track 70 – Rising into Light from Initiation; Track 72 – Blending with Your Soul from Becoming Your Soul;Track 74 – Spiritual Sun Opening from The Spiritual Sun; Track 76 – Solar Contact and Temple Gardens from Temple of the Masters; Track 78 – Surrendering from Initiation; Track 80 – Angels of Divine Love from Awakening Your Heart Center.


Session 1 – Track 66: Observing Events as Manifestations of Consciousness (16 August) 

Sananda guides you to experience yourself as part of the Ocean of Being observing the manifestation of events out of the consciousness of which you are part. In this state you are not so much making things happen as witnessing your participation in the generation of forms, whether those are physical forms or experiences within the physical world of the earth plane.

From this inner space you may find you have very little or no insight of what particular forms or events you are witness emerging into manifestation. At this stage we are focusing more on the ways in which experience (forms and events) arises out of consciousness. As you explore this space you may find that there is a growing appreciation that we may not be the instigators of  events in the way that we appear to be, that we are part of a larger process of creation in which our most effective role may be to align with that larger process and let its natural flows move through us to emerge in our world. We are still active human beings, but we may be beginning to reach back to an earlier stage of the creative process than we have tended to acknowledge.

If there is a sense of relinquishing control here, you may wonder how you can participate in this creative process. In the next sessions of this part of the course, we will be exploring a series of skills you can use to navigate these inner spaces and align increasingly with the Divine Plan in your actions in and relationships with the world.

Session 2 – Track 68: Opening into Presence (23 August)

In this inner journey you are moving into an experience of yourself as presence in an ocean of beingness. Here you may find a greater sense of the connectedness of creator and created. Perhaps you as you observe the emergence of energy forms that give rise to events you may sense creator and created becoming one, so that the distinction blurs or vanishes between what you create or cause to happen and what you experience as happening without identifying yourself as cause. You may find yourself simultaneously as the instigator of experience and as the experience that is instigated.

Opening into presence is one way in which your soul can help you to experience life more as it does. Presence has a seamless quality that helps you towards the oneness that is natural for your soul. It also helps you to move further into alignment with the Planetary Hierarchy, relinquishing the idea of being a small agent of change in an immense universe and moving into an fuller appreciation of your unity with the Universe. Any change you create becomes all change: it makes the Universe new in each moment, and at the same time the Universe creates you or what you might sense or discover to be you.

Session 3 – Track 70: Divine Will Guidance (30 August)

In this inner journey and the following four you have the opportunity to explore ways in which decisions happen for you. I express it in that way to point up the shift that the Planetary Hierarchy are hoping us to make. We might consider it to be a letting go of an illusion: the illusion that we are sole agents, that we make decisions in isolation or that we decide our choices at the level of the personality alone. This is not to banish us into powerlessness or irrelevance, but to let go of a set of ideas that no longer serve very well, so that we become more free to appreciate and enjoy our relationship with the Universe.

We begin with the guidance of Divine Will. Sananda helps you to observe the presence of Divine Will and the illumination it brings. As the inner journey progresses you may find a sense of the light of Divine Will radiating outwards from above. Perhaps the original crystalline cap and shining surface of the Egyptian pyramids was an attempt to reproduce or remind viewers of the outpouring of this light.

Session 4 – Track 72: The Wisdom of Your Soul (6 September)

We are continuing to investigate the sea of consciousness of which we are part. How might you find direction and allow wise choices to arrive in your awareness and easily manifest into outward expression and action? In this inner journey the focus is upon your soul’s presence and the illumination it brings.

These guiding principles: your divine self, your soul, and in subsequent sessions, the Central Spiritual Sun, the Planetary Hierarchy and the Councils of the Wise, are all distinct and all in harmony with one another. It might be likened to light shining from different directions. The light is one, but each ray reveals to you different facets of the totality.

In this sequence of inner journeys your sponsor of light is giving you an induction into modes of knowing used by the Planetary Hierarchy. You might consider the sea of consciousness as having a limitless capacity for light and that for us here and now on the earth plane these particular means of bringing light to us, have a special relevance.

As you move through these journeys you may find that your own perception and sense of self is shifting. Some of the familiar structures of identity, the ways we are used to knowing ourselves by, become in a sense translucent. The light shines through them and reveals that they  may less substantial than they seemed.

Session 5 – Track 74: Communion with the Central Sun (13 September)

Illumination from the Central Spiritual Sun provides location and direction within the Ocean of Being. As you choose to become more consciousness of its presence, so the inflow of its light becomes an organising principle for us, clarifying purpose which in turn takes us to choice and action.

Within this journey transmissions of light from the Central Sun help to develop the flow of light between your heart centre and the light at the centre of your head. Theses transmissions assist integration and movement towards oneness, and this in turn is helping you to develop your alignment with Divine Will. You might consider that the more all aspects of your being find integration with one another, the less disruption there is the the flow of Divine Will through your being. You could also consider the flow of Divine Will as an organising principle that draws you to oneness.

Session 6 – Track 76: Insights of the Planetary Hierarchy (20 September)

Initially within this inner journey Sananda draws your attention to the insights that the Planetary Hierarchy have into your own light and the conversation or communion that is ongoing between your light at all points and their unconditionally loving attention. Their light touches yours and together this interplay leads into an awareness of the vision you share with them and that you are helping to manifest.

This vision is an expression of the Divine Plan. It does not have one fixed form or set of forms but is alive, so that when you listen to this journey again you may find a new and different sense of the light that is being expressed, the song that is being sung. Trust that your own insight will come to you and develop when that is appropriate. Within this journey you do not need to hunt for ideas. There is a natural process of precipitation, a movement of light into form, of which your own ideas and purposes may form a part. It has its own timing and you will probably find it best not to push it.

Session 7 – Track 78: Input of the Councils of the Wise (27 September)

As you connect with the Councils of the Wise you simultaneously expand awareness into the familiar spaces of your soul and anchor your presence more fully within the light forms of the Divine Plan. This helps you to locate yourself in relationship to the world and to make and act upon the choices that are most aligned with Divine Will.

Over time you may be finding your choices guided less by your personality self and more by your soul. This process may well feel a little erratic, more like the back and forth of the waves of an incoming tide than the step by step climbing of a staircase. In part this may be because you are learning new ways of communicating to your personality the understandings your soul is sharing with you.

As this change continues you may find yourself sometimes looking at the world in which we live and finding that patterns of behaviour you might previously have taken for granted now seem mysterious. As you free yourself from your own conditioning, you may find you are seeing the world with fresh eyes, and sometimes this may give rise to feeling lonely or uncomprehending in the face of the world around you. If so, appreciate that this is simply part of the process by which the personality integrates more of your soul’s presence. In the final part of the course Sananda will guide you on inner journeys to help you be increasingly centred and comfortable with your soul’s wisdom and the presence of your divine self.

Session 8 – Track 80: Creating with plasma Light (4 October)

This inner journey gives you to opportunity to deepen your experience of plasma light. In a sense you are owning it more fully, not at this stage in order to steer or direct it, but to recognise more of your relationship with it. More directly than before you are guided to witness yourself as expressing your own light as plasma light. You observations of it may suggest that it comes into being just outside of your core of light or you may have a sense that it originates from within the core.

All of the spaciousness and connectedness your soul has been sharing with you helps you access aspects of your consciousness that naturally express plasma light into the world. This light is creative without being under the guidance of your personal will. The connections you have focused on the the previous few journeys help you to replace the will of the personality self with fuller access to the light of the Divine Plan and those beings who assist us to express and manifest it.

In the next part of the course you will be guided through an initiation into the Wisdom School of Shamballa so that you may learn further skills for expressing your light into the world, revisit your life purpose and interpret it anew for your human presence and the life you are living now.

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Back of the head centre

Sometimes also called the bindu, located where the parietal and occipital bones meet, we use this centre as a point to which light from the Central Spiritual Sun may be directed, facilitating more of your soul’s presence.

Beauty of Being

A relaxed state of knowing that you are a beautiful being and that all that you are is in harmony with the Divine Plan. It develops into Peace of Being.


Sharing consciousness at a higher level than communication in words, images or thoughts. Within this merging of consciousness much can be exchanged in the language of light, and following an experience of communion you may find insights and realisations coming into your mind.


Your divine self experiences a state of connection that is more that the sum of an enormous number of individual connections, rather a state of total connection that we might experience as an active oneness.

Etheric body

The subtle energy body that is the foundation for the other bodies, mental, emotional and physical, that make up your human presence. The finest level of energy that manifests in physical reality.

Halls of Learning

A space within Shamballa that you will often visit in this course. Here your sponsor of light will focus upon the light of the Divine Plan and particular facets of that light in order to help you learn more of its nature and the skills with which you can more consciously embody it.

High brow centre

This centre is located approximately where the hairline begins or halfway between your third eye and your crown centres. It is sometimes also known as the indu centre. Indu means moon and you may experience it as having a white light like moonlight. It has been associated with the higher or buddhic mind.


The light of your beingness, the light that is inherently yours revealing itself. It increases as you allow space in your own being for your divine self.

Peace of Being

A state of contentment with all that you are; a recognition that joy exists in every moment. In these inner journeys this state often develops out of Beauty of Being.

Plasma light

An electrical quality of light used by the planetary hierarchy to implement the Divine Plan for humanity. It combines the capacity to carry the complexity of the Divine Plan with the ability to deliver it by branching into smaller and smaller units of time and space.

Presence / Enhanced presence / Absolute presence / Divine Presence

Presence is a formless undefined location that constitutes an opportunity for individual beings like ourselves to express their divinity into a manifest reality. In enhanced presence there is a recognition of sharing presence, an undifferentiated state unifying all locations, that reflects back to and enhances your own sense of presence. Absolute presence refers to the quality of presence your soul has; we might consider that when the soul is fully integrated in our human life we are in a state of absolute presence. There is a state of presence beyond this, which Sananda calls Divine Presence and is seen as the primary goal in the creation of a city of light. It is shared realisation of the Presence of the Source of All; a state of consciousness in which the Source of All is experienced as present, here and now.


Shamballa is one of the names for a higher dimensional aspect of the Earth where the great beings of light who oversee the evolution of human consciousness reside. It has often been associated with the Himalayas or other remote places on the planet. Shamballa itself is a place of immense beauty, for here the deepest vision held in each human heart is made manifest.[/mks_toggle]

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