Engaging with the World

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An invitation has come from the planetary hierarchy in Shamballa.  They invite us to develop skills that will enable us to move to a higher state of consciousness, a new dimension which they are revealing to us.

They offer to each of you the help of your own personal sponsor of light. Through the coming year you may like to draw upon the support of this beautiful being as you build consciousness and enrich your life.

The body of skills this course teaches is designed to bring the process by which ascension takes place into the scope of your conscious awareness, so that you may, together with many others around the world, know yourself as a co-creator of a new way of being on Earth.

About Shamballa

Shamballa is one of the names for a higher dimensional aspect of the Earth where the great beings of light who oversee the evolution of human consciousness reside. They hold a vision of the Divine Plan fulfilled and they work for the highest good of all life.

Shamballa has often been associated with the Himalayas or other remote places on the planet, but our path to Shamballa is through our own consciousness. In this course you are sponsored by beings of light who illuminate that path for you. Shamballa itself is a place of immense beauty, for here the deepest vision held in each human heart is made manifest.

The invitation from Shamballa

We are going to work with you more closely than ever before. Until now you have been in training. This is where the real work begins. Now is the time to act in the world. We are with you. All is well. We are delighted with you. Everyone is invited. There are no exceptions. 

The light is everywhere. Joy is abundant. Strength comes when we are together. Love connects us. Our light illuminates yours. There is no separation. Act in the world with us. Grace gives us to each other. Growth comes through giving. Grow with us. We can show you the way.

There is a door opening and light is flooding in. Come with us into the light. Grace guides your journey in the light. Let grace shape the light for you. When grace guides your choices we are in concert. Together we sing creation. We sing a new world into being. This new world is the outward expression of the deepest vision of your heart. Judge no one. Love all. This is our invitation to you.

The course structure

When and where

The course consists of one hour’s live broadcast each week for 48 weeks starting on Wednesday 4 January 2017 at 8 pm UK time. 

Every session is recorded and available online shortly after each broadcast. An edited version with notes will be available a day or two after. Everyone who joins this course will have access to all recordings and notes by logging into the website and going to the My Heaven on Earth page.

As a participant you are encouraged to join the live broadcasts whenever you can. If for any reason you are unable to join, you can use the recordings, which will be available to all participants indefinitely.

The structure

This course builds on the Initiation into Shamballa, which introduces it. You are highly recommended to take this short initiation before the course begins.

Each session will consist of an introduction and an inner journey channelled from Sananda. There are six parts; each part teaches and develops a set of skills for you to use and make your own. Each session will be recorded and available to all participants to listen to and download.

Practical information

When you join the course you will receive an acknowledgement email and receipt. Then 24 hours and again one hour before each session you will receive a reminder email with a link to join the audio broadcast.

All you need is a device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) with a connection to the internet and speakers, earphones or headphones. The media player we use for live broadcasts is very straightforward to use. You will find a detailed guide here.


This course is offered for a subscription of 12 monthly payments of your choice. You can book your place here.

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I suggest two approaches when deciding on an appropriate payment. Use whichever is helpful for you:

  • Let yourself become quiet and go within to find your own guidance.
  • Use as a guideline our former pricing structure for similar events where a £25 monthly subscription for 12 months (£240 for the whole course) would be a standard fee.[/mks_toggle]

The course content

Part 1: Highlighting Paths

There are flows of light moving through our reality all the time. These flows tend towards higher levels of consciousness. You can learn how to discover the flows of light that are most fulfilling for you and then to ride them.

Your relationship with these flows is active and dynamic. You are also a creator of light flows, and the integration of the flows of light that are entering our reality through the gift of Divine Will with the light flows you generate yourself is at the heart of this first stage of the course.

As you develop these skills, you may find your life flowing more easily and your experience of time changing to a greater sense of the eternal now.

Part 2: Offering Freedom

abstract-2384_1920The planetary hierarchy are encouraging you to offer freedom to yourself first of all, for in doing so you also offer freedom to all others. You will learn ways of freeing yourself from the limitations of beliefs that are no longer truly valid for you. Offering yourself freedom takes you into your own inner light to witness the richness of its potential. It helps you to recognise and trust your ability to organise that light to express your being in ways that are beautiful to you.

As you grant freedom to the light of your being to find its highest expression through you, you also change your relationship with the world. In this part of the course, you may find a sense of greater self-acceptance, of breathing more easily (both literally and metaphorically) and of an added depth to your relationships.

Part 3: Channelling Your Soul

Your soul is drawing closer. It offers to be more present in every aspect of your life. It comes with gifts for you from the Source of All. These gifts transform your sense of self. You come to see through the eyes of your soul and to let your soul’s compassion and wisdom overlight your emotional and mental bodies, so that its unconditional love finds fuller expression through you.

In this part of the course you will be guided to recognise the presence of your soul more easily and to understand your soul’s language with increased clarity. You may find a change in your experience of time and the priorities you have chosen in life, so that it grows easier to be in the flow of your being and to allow the present moment to be your priority.

Part 4: Opening Hearts

Pink_Rose_HeartThe heart centre is the principal doorway through which the Divine Plan manifests in this age. Sananda will teach three new skills for expanding the heart centre that relate to the personal, the global and the infinite. Each is designed to help you know yourself as part of a worldwide community of love. With this combination of skills you, as part of the community of love, will be guided to participate in healing the heart of humanity, dissolving the burdens of the past and freeing humanity from the energy patterns of separation and limitation.

Such work is ongoing and will be continued by the planetary hierarchy for as long as required. It is their wish that your participation is easy and joyful, for in this way you truly contribute to lifting the hearts of humanity. In this part of the course you may find that your own heart feels lifted, relaxed and open, as old worries and feelings of self-doubt dissolve.

Part 5: Trusting Events

Frog in the rainTrust is an active process of engagement with the world. You are at once a powerful creator of your own reality and part of a limitless consciousness exploring all that is. Here you will learn skills for bringing these two ways of understanding yourself together. You have the capacity to witness the events of your life and the world around you from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. You can experience yourself as creator, observer and participant. You will be guided to find new levels of understanding that bring you a deeper realisation of inner peace.

As your trust deepens, so your engagement with the flow of events becomes clearer. It is easier to see the connection between the light of the inner world and its outward manifestation as experiences and events. In this part of the course you may recognise yourself more fully as a co-creator of your world, increasing your sense of fulfilment and helping others to recognise and use their own innate gifts.

Part 6: Witnessing the Divine Plan

sunrise-1028763_1280Sananda and your sponsor of light will guide you through a ceremonial time conducted by the planetary hierarchy in which you are initiated into your next level of alignment with the Divine Plan. Here you learn more of the purpose of your incarnation on the earth plane and are assisted in illuminating the structures of your physical form with an additional quotient of Divine Light. You become, to whatever degree is comfortable for you, a conscious embodiment of the Divine Plan.

As this ceremony continues you will join the hierarchy in orchestrating pulses of light which generate moments of intense beauty that may be shared by many simultaneously. These pulses of light may be thought of as markers for a new way of being on Earth, the initial stages of ascension to a higher level of consciousness.

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