If you create your reality, how come it doesn’t always turn out to your taste? Here is one reason: you send mixed messages to the Universe, the raw material from which reality is created. Consequently the Universe provides you with mixed results. What can you do about this? Here are two suggestions.

  1. Relax. Be at peace. There is a natural tendency for you to move into alignment with Divine Will. When things don’t turn out as you wish or expect, observe and learn. Ask of yourself, “What is this revealing to me about the energy I am sending out into the Universe?”. Let the answer assist you to move into greater alignment.
  2. Let your body help you. Any area of habitual tension tells you of something unresolved. Invite angelic help and imagine that area bathed in light. Let the light move right into the muscles and so bring the underlying cause into the light. You may not know what that cause was, and you do not need to, for bringing light to it, expressing your willingness to accept help and to release the tension, all of these help you to move into greater alignment. With greater alignment comes greater ease in creating a reality that is wholly joyful to you.


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