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Star Voyager: Visiting Star Cluster M5

Four inner journeys with Sananda take you to this beautiful star cluster. The beings whom you meet are very highly evolved and loving. As you visit, Sananda helps you to go as an emissary, representing in some measure all of humanity. In these journeys you may find that you are naturally opening to a greater sense of yourself as divine at the same time as the recognition of the divine in all others becomes clearer or fuller.

From Sananda’s introduction to this series: These courses take you deeper into a knowing of your Galaxy, opening understanding of how stars relate to one another and the ways in which families of stars may choose to hold very beautiful and complex frequency patterns of light in preparation for consciousnesses around the Galaxy to be ready to tune into and assimilate them.

Includes downloads

Four inner journeys with introductory talks and study notes.

Eight audio files 


 (or all bundled into one zip file) 


 Notes in A4 or US Letter format     

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