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Teachings from Sirius 4: Blessing of the Dawn

Welcome into your life the light of grace dawning in our world.

Sirius and the Sun come together to help the emergence of the Spiritual Sun into the consciousness of humanity. As the inner eye of humanity strengthens we can absorb more of its light, creating new ways of thinking and feeling, new ways of being in the world. This course contributes to that dawning as the two great star souls hold open the veils that have kept us from looking into the heart of the Spiritual Sun.

Sananda will guide you to draw this light of dawn into your energy field, bringing it to growth points within the several energy bodies that enable you to sustain a human presence here on Earth. This light may assist your mental body in creativity, insight and inspiration, and contribute to building a greater continuous and stable flow of inner peace and joy to the emotional body. You will have the opportunity to learn directly from the Spiritual Sun more of your life purpose and how you may fulfil it naturally and with grace as you continue your journey of spiritual growth.

Course materials to study online or download

Six inner journeys, with introductory talks and study notes. Download 12 recordings as mp3 files or 1 zip file; notes as a pdf file in a choice of A4 or US Letter format.

Code: TSS04

The presence and light of Sirius within the consciousness of the Sun is opening up new possibilities for humanity. The combined spiritual light of Sirius and the Sun enables the light of the higher dimensions and the angelic realms to become more present in human consciousness. 

From Sananda’s introduction:

Sirius has always had a strong connection the Sun. They are in some respects like twins souls. Now the soul of Sirius is stepping forward to be within the light of the Sun as it communicates with the Earth. The coming together of these twin souls also marks a coming together for humanity. This is the time for humanity to come to peace with itself. The need to fight is receding from the Earth. Your hearts have cried out for this. 

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Accessing this course is simple.

Once you have purchased it, log in at https://www.heaven-on-earth.co.uk/my-heaven-on-earth/ and scroll down the My Heaven on Earth page to the Star Courses section and this course title and image.

Click on the See more… button and that will bring you to the course materials: recordings of talks and inner journeys with the study notes.

You can download these to your own device and print out the notes or you can study the whole course online.

Do I need previous experience?

You will probably find it helpful to have some experience of meditation. Trust your inner guidance, if you are feeling drawn to join this course.

Do I need to have taken previous course in this series?

No. Each course in this series of four Teachings from Sirius is complete in itself.

What might I get out of this course?

Everyone is different, so your experience will be your own. Sananda and many loving beings of light will be transmitting frequencies of light tailored to your own needs and purposes. The aim of the course is to help you to fulfil your life purpose with ease and grace.

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