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Teachings from Arcturus 4: Walking with Angels

Increase angelic presence in your energy field and develop your luminosity.

In this course your Arcturian friends will guide you into council with angels, where you may receive and share gifts of the light of blessings. You will be shown, by the skills of light that you learn in this course, how this light facilitates angelic presence in your energy field and helps to develop your luminosity.

Course materials to study online or download

Six inner journeys, with introductory talks and study notes. Download 12 recordings as mp3 files or 1 zip file; notes as a pdf file in a choice of A4 or US Letter format.

Code: TSA04

These courses are channelled from Sananda and with the light and love of many Arcturians, a community who have a special interest in helping us at this time of rapid spiritual evolution. Each course in this series offers a set of skills designed to help you know and use more fully your inner light and the unconditional love of your essence.

Series introduction from Sananda

Arcturus reaches out to you. It is a facilitator of change, using its light to open hearts to the dawn of a Universal Day that is bringing together many diverse beings across the Galaxy. You are living in a time of stillness as well as change, for this time is like that stillness that announces sunrise. Simultaneously you can find within yourself the stillness or inner peace when you know a time long awaited has arrived and the excitement of its anticipation.

The Arcturians offer their help in understanding these two states. They come to teach how inner peace and dynamic aliveness are one. They help you meet these states within yourself and introduce each to the other so that out of their marriage may come joy.

For the Arcturians are messengers of joy. They have come to identify with the light of their star, so that they may join with its soul in simultaneously looking through its eyes into the universe beyond, the Divine Universe from which it comes, and this Universe, the universe of manifest expression in all its variety and magnificence. In you they recognise the potential for sharing and living such a vision and come to help you realise it.

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Accessing this course is simple.

Once you have purchased it, log in at https://www.heaven-on-earth.co.uk/my-heaven-on-earth/ and scroll down the My Heaven on Earth page to the Star Courses section and this course title and image.

Click on the See more… button and that will bring you to the course materials: recordings of talks and inner journeys with the study notes.

You can download these to your own device and print out the notes or you can study the whole course online.

Do I need previous experience?

You will probably find it helpful to have some experience of meditation. Trust your inner guidance, if you are feeling drawn to join this course.

Do I need to have taken previous course in this series?

No. Each course in this series of four Teachings from Arcturus is complete in itself.

What might I get out of this course?

Everyone is different, so your experience will be your own. Sananda and many loving beings of light will be transmitting frequencies of light tailored to your own needs and purposes. The aim of the course is to help you to a fuller enjoyment of the richness of each present moment.

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