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Welcome to Dolphins

Welcome to Dolphins Share light and love with a dolphin friend About this course You come together with a dolphin friend as two beings of light. You share consciousness as you discover more of the dolphin’s joy in aliveness and receive gifts of light. From Sananda’s Introduction Dolphins are amongst your closest friends on Earth. …

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Welcome to Your Guardian Angel

Welcome to Your Guardian Angel Meet this wonderful being of light   About this course About Welcome to Your Guardian Angel Your guardian angel is your own special angel; a consciousness of light who has undertaken to watch over you as you make your journey back to the Source of All.  You might think of …

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Anchoring Starlight: Alcyone

Anchoring Starlight: Alcyone Explore how Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades, can help your mental body to evolve. About this course In this inner journey Sananda guides you to look at the relationship between overview and detailed focus and how you may simultaneously sustain a broad perspective on all that your life is and have …

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Welcome to Your Soul

Welcome to Your Soul Merge your consciousness with your soul’s unconditional love. About this course Your soul exists outside of this reality of space, time and matter. Rather than being a part of you, it is more that you are a part of your soul which has manifested here in human form. While you experience …

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Welcome to Your Guide

Welcome to Your Guide Meet the beautiful being of light who is your guide. About this course About Welcome to Your Guide Your guide is like a best friend; a being who knows and loves you without judgement, who seeks to help you without interfering, who is there for you whenever you want, without limiting …

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Initiation of Solar Fire

Initiation of Solar Fire Connect with the soul of the Sun to discover more of the being you are as you prepare to renew the template of light upon which your human presence is built. The Initiation of Solar Fire is designed to assist you to a fuller realisation of yourself as a divine being …

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Well-Being: Still Your Mind

Well-Being: Peace of Mind Move beyond your thoughts towards deep peace of mind. About this course The busy mind can grow calm and open to the inspiration and wisdom of your higher self. Today Sananda will help you in a series of guided inner journeys to find the stillness of a peaceful mind. Course materials …

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Well-Being: Open Your Heart

Well-Being: Open Your Heart Relax your heart centre to know more of the love you are. About this course The heart centre and its development is key to the evolution of human consciousness in this age. In this course Sananda will help you to move deeper into the essence of your love. Course materials The …

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Well-Being: Love Your Breath

Well-Being: Love Your Breath Connecting with the Universe through the wonder of your breath. About this course The breath is considered central to many meditation traditions. It connects you to the world and your spirit to your body. In these inner journeys Sananda will be guiding you to touch some of the mysteries of the …

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