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Light Body Graduates Group

Light Body Graduates Group Live broadcasts at 8.00 am on the first Saturday of each month and a library of inner journeys you can visit any time.

Well-Being: Welcoming Abundance

Well-Being: Welcoming Abundance Skills to express your inner light for an abundant life About this course We live in an abundance Universe and yet it may that you have found abundance elusive in some areas of your life. This day’s inner journeys with Sananda help you to release blocks, increase self-worth and build trust in …

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Anchoring Starlight: Deneb

Anchoring Starlight: Deneb In this moment everything meets in one perfect expression directly giving love to you. About this course Deneb brings a very pure connection with the Source of All, helping you to dissolve what is redundant and to recognise your Divine Self. A light of great beauty, the essence of Deneb reminds us …

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Anchoring Starlight: Altair

Anchoring Starlight: Altair Let the light of Altair help you combine clarity with self-acceptance. About this course Altair helps you: by promoting clarity of the nature of self and facilitating connection with others; ease of being and freshness of response; making the diverse familiar and confirming that it is safe to be you. This inner journey brings the light of Altair …

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Well-Being: Shaping Your Future

Well-Being: Shaping Your Future Use your inner light to generate joyful experiences About this course You can become increasingly conscious of the light that you are and at ease with your soul’s loving guidance. The skills Sananda teaches in this course help you manifest your own highest future. Course materials The course consists of four …

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Anchoring Starlight: Alderamin

Anchoring Starlight: Alderamin Let the vitalising light of Alderamin help you align with Divine Will. About this course This inner journey focuses on the highly dynamic subtle energies of Alderamin, which have a vitalising effect. Sananda guides you to experience this energising quality in each of the main chakras as well as the star’s role …

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Anchoring Starlight: Aldebaran

Anchoring Starlight: Aldebaran Let Aldebaran help you to develop a fuller compassion for yourself and your world. About this course In this inner journey Aldebaran helps you release regrets that you may have linked to create chains of regret that have limited you in your ability to experience self-love. The soul of the star offers you a gift of light with …

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Introducing Angel Mind

Let angels help you bring greater fluidity to your thoughts and develop new ways of thinking.

Welcome to the Sun

Welcome to the Sun Meet the soul of the Sun and open to receive more of its gifts. About this course From Sananda’s Introduction Imagine the Sun; picture it in your mind’s eye, round, vast and shining.  Picture it too as alive, breathing and aware of you.  Every time you go out into the sunlight …

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Welcome to Whales

Welcome to Whales Explore the ocean and the cosmos with a whale. About this course Whales play an important part in your lives. It may not seem so, but they are joining with you in creating pathways which will enable you to manifest one of humanity’s most cherished dreams.In cultures all around the world there …

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