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Initiation into Shamballa

A beautiful being of light sponsors you through an initiation into your next level of world service.

From Shamballa comes an invitation that we recognise and use more of our power to help all life on Earth move to its next level of consciousness.

You will be guided by Sananda to

  • Meet a being of light who will become your sponsor
  • Commune with your sponsor
  • Travel to Shamballa to join many like-minded beings
  • Help and be helped to access the keys for the next stage of the Divine Plan
  • Bear witness to the birth of a new world
  • Learn more about your own higher path.

This course is complete in itself and also serves as an introduction to Engaging with the World.

Course materials

The course consists of four inner journeys with introductory talks and study notes. The recordings can be downloaded as mp3 files. The notes can be downloaded as a pdf file in either A4 or US Letter format for you to print out if you wish. 

Code: EWI

An invitation has come from the planetary hierarchy in Shamballa.  They invite us to develop skills that will enable us to move to a higher state of consciousness, a new dimension which they are revealing to us.

They offer to each of you the help of your own personal sponsor of light. Through the coming year you may like to draw upon the support of this beautiful being as you build consciousness and enrich your life.

The body of skills this course teaches is designed to bring the process by which ascension takes place into the scope of your conscious awareness, so that you may, together with many others around the world, know yourself as a co-creator of a new way of being on Earth.

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  • Navigator of Light members: 30%
  • Architect of Light members: included in your membership

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Accessing this course is simple.

Once you have purchased it, log in at https://www.heaven-on-earth.co.uk/my-heaven-on-earth/ and scroll down the My Heaven on Earth page to the Engaging with the World section and this course title and image.

Click on the See more… button and that will bring you to the course materials: the inner journeys with the study notes.

You can download these to your own device and print out the notes or you can study the whole course online.

Do I need to be an experienced meditator?

No. Trust that if you are drawn to this course, you can benefit from it. All you need is a willingness to set aside a little time for you.

How long are the inner journeys?
Most of the inner journeys in Heaven on Earth courses are between 20 and 30 minutes long.

What is the background music to these journeys?
The music we use is by Thaddeus. You can listen to or buy his music from www.orindaben.com.

Are there any follow-on courses to this one?
Use the Related courses or the Key words link at the top of the course page to bring together courses on similar themes or topics. All are designed to help you on your path of spiritual growth.

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