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Meet Your Guide

A course with Sananda channelled by Christopher Sell


HE Dove Logo SA connection with your guide can be a wonderful experience. Your guide loves you unconditionally and loves to help you develop your spiritual skills and your life skills. Guides work unobtrusively and kindly. They trust you to discover your own wisdom in your own way at your own pace. This is their purpose: to help you recognise and use the wisdom that is inherent within you.

Whether you already sense your guide’s presence in your life or not, you may like to join this course and take the next step in your relationship with your guide. Christopher talks about guides and channelling, and he channels Sananda leading you through some simple inner journeys to meet and come to know more of your guide’s love, light and wisdom.

How should I prepare?

There is nothing you have to do before studying this course, but you might find the following helpful:

  • Inwardly invite your guide to draw close.
  • Welcome your guide, even if you do not yet have any clear sense of his or her presence.
  • Consider the ways in which you believe a guide could be helpful to you.

The course

This course is an edited recording of a live webinar and you may choose listen to the six tracks (three talks and three inner journeys) straight through. But you may prefer to listen over several sessions to suit yourself. You are likely to find that repeated listenings deepen your conscious connection with your guide. Sananda and I wish you much joy!

You may download this course free of charge. If you are sharing it please credit: Sananda, Christopher Sell, and the music of Thaddeus from

The music on the inner journeys is by Thaddeus: on Track 2, Blending with Your Soul from Becoming Your Soul; on Track 4, Angels of Divine Love from Awakening Your Heart Center; on Track 6, Solar Contact from Temple of the Masters.

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What’s next?

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