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Angels for Your Heart

A course with Sananda channelled by Christopher Sell


HE Dove Logo SAt this time angels are bringing a powerful focus for the evolution of human consciousness to an easier and fuller expression of the love which is our essence. This course helps you to strengthen your connections with the angelic realms and to join with many in bringing new gifts of light and love to the earth plane.

In these inner journeys you will meet an archangel of love and a group of the angels of love as well as devas whose purpose is to help you increase harmony within your energy field. Sananda guides you to connect with many others around the world to create one heart through which an abundance of angelic gifts may come to all life on Earth.

How should I prepare?

There is nothing you need do before studying this course, but you might find it helpful to enquire of yourself:

  • Am I ready to know more of the love the angels feel for me?
  • Am I ready to acknowledge my worth and to allow and welcome well-being in every aspect of my life?
  • Am I ready to increase the love I give by increasing the love I receive?

The course

This course is an edited recording of a live webinar and you may choose listen to the six tracks (three talks and three inner journeys) straight through. But you may prefer to listen over several sessions to suit yourself. You are likely to find that repeated listenings deepen your conscious awareness of angelic presences in your life. Sananda and I wish you much joy!

You may download this course free of charge. If you are sharing it please credit: Sananda, Christopher Sell, and the music of Thaddeus from

The music on the inner journeys is by Thaddeus: on Track 2, Temple Gardens from Temple of the Masters; on Track 4, Silent Majesty from Temple of the Masters; on Track 6, The Master of Light from Solar Light Transmissions.

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What’s next?

You may like to consider the course Introducing Angel Mind, an online course strengthening your ability to access wisdom from higher levels of your being and from the angelic realms.