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Day of Light 5: Free to Love

with Sananda and Zadkiel channelled by Christopher and Carrie

General Introduction

This course is one of a series of Days of Light. Each day is complete in itself and as you study each one there is a cumulative effect, for each is designed to bring an enabling light to a different aspect of your being. Each of these days teaches you spiritual skills to bring you love, joy, inner peace and fulfilment. With each day come practical exercises to help you embody and use all that you learn.

Through the teaching of Zadkiel and Sananda these days bring you gifts of the new qualities of light that are streaming into our world now and over the coming years. These gifts are most effectively received, integrated and used when we come together, either in the outer world or on the inner planes. As you listen to these guided meditations you have the opportunity to experience yourself as part of a community helping to create an experience of Heaven on Earth. You are welcome.

Introduction to Free to Love

Being free to love is a gift to yourself and to others. As you become more conscious, so it becomes easier to choose freely moment by moment whatever is most expressive of the love that is your essence. This course is designed to be an enlightening and joy-filled process that develops your consciousness and opens your awareness to the richness of choice available in each and every moment.

While there are no intrinsically good or bad, right or wrong decisions, since all choices hold the gift of enriching and enlightening your life in some way, as you grow in consciousness so it becomes easier to align with Divine Will and discover those choices that are most joyful to you. You can receive, share and give more of the love that surrounds you (and that is yours simply because you exist) once you are aware of it and choose to accept it.

This course is intended to support you as you live more in the present moment, so that you can truly choose to recognise and freely accept the love that is always present. As you do this it also becomes more easy to let more love flow through you from the angels and beings of light, and from the Source of All, the Divine, the Creator, Great Spirit, God.

A welcome from Zadkiel and Sananda

You are free to love at all times. Yet on the earth plane you can find love complex to express and to receive, as if the physical nature of this reality somehow creates blocks and barriers that love has to find its way round or through. In a way this is quite correct. Matter does have an effect upon love. For matter is made from love; it is love slowed right down. You as spirit are used to love being everywhere all the time. So to enter this world where love flows so slowly can be a shock.

And yet this image is only part of the truth. For you are powerful beings and as you realise this more and more your love flows unimpeded. Indeed you may consider that you have come to Earth in order to liberate love wherever it might have become stuck a little.

Therefore when you look at the world, look with love for all that you see. Your love runs before you like a child playing a game of statues who frees everyone she touches. Let your love touch gently, let it be in the air all around. Trust your love to work; you do not need to push it. By degrees it unfreezes the frozen, awakens the sleeping, lifts the fallen and reveals the love that was hidden.

Start with yourself. Learn to let your love flow freely in all parts of your being, in every country of your inner world. Let no part of you be denied the gift of your love freely given. As love flows freely within your own being, you embody the gift of grace and the love from which your world is shaped finds a fuller expression too.

Suggestions for studying

As you listen to these inner journeys, trust your ability to follow the guidance of Sananda and Zadkiel. As much as you can, let yourself go with the energies that are being transmitted and trust that your understanding of them will develop. We have created exercises that help you embody and practise these skills. We suggest that initially you do each exercise soon after listening to its preceding track. Then we encourage you to use them at other times too, as you go through your day, making them part of your life. Recognise that it may take only a few seconds, and remember that your intuitive self may find it easy and natural, even if the rational mind is still trying to catch up!

Take as much time as you want to study this course. You may like to listen to each inner journey several times before moving to the next, or you may like to listen to them all once and then return to the beginning or pick out favourite journeys. Find your own way, the way that suits you best.

Important note: Do not listen while driving.

Since these meditations may take you into deep states of relaxation, do not listen to them when driving or doing anything, such as operating machinery, that requires you to be alert and focused on the outer world.

Guided Meditations and Lightwork

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You can download the notes as a pdf file in format of your choice:

DL05 Notes A4

DL05 Notes US Letter

Track 1: The Ocean of Consciousness with Sananda

Sananda guides you to the Temple of Your Heart and beyond to an ocean of consciousness in which you may begin to experience yourself as pure beingness, free to choose from infinite possibilities. (22:48) (Music – Becoming Your Soul: Blending with Your Soul)

Track 2: Becoming Clear with Zadkiel 

Zadkiel invites you on an inner journey to remind you of the light of which you are made, and to release all past unhelpful energies into the loving transformative power of the Violet Flame. Then, freed from that which is not aligned with the truth of the love that you are, you can receive love from the angelic realms and beyond. (24:12) (Music – Angels: Angels of Beauty)

Lightwork 1: A simple breathing exercise

Letting go is part of being and feeling free. Releasing what we are finished with creates space to receive the new. So as part of this course we are  recommending the following simple breathing exercise. It can be done seated; for best results please stand, with your feet apart a little.

The intent is to expand the chest area so that each in-breath can fully fill the lungs, gaining the benefits from deep oxygenated breathing, and to fully exhale on the out-breath so that all stale air is released, providing maximum space for the in-breath that follows. The actual exercise is really simple! Here are the instructions:

Become aware of your breathing. This brings your awareness into the present moment – always beneficial. Now, as you take a deliberately deeper in-breath, gently raise your arms out in an arc above your head (rather like a ballet dancer) letting your hands come as close together as comfortable. (The raising of the hands this way enables the chest cavity, and therefore your lungs, to expand.) Pause for a fraction of a second. Then, as you begin to breathe out, let your body fold from the waist in a form of bow, going no lower than feels comfortable, and let your arms drift down towards your feet. (This encourages and aids the full emptying of the lungs.) Pause briefly. Now inhale, coming back to the upright position as you do so, once again lifting your arms in an arc above your head. Pause. Exhale, this time letting your arms fall gently to each side of your body. And relax back into a comfortable rhythmic breathing pattern.

We recommend doing this between each of the inner journeys. The increase in available oxygen to the system helps literally to embody the energy and frequencies you have just experienced. It can also help you stay sharp and focused ready for the next journey – or whatever activity you choose to do next.

Lightwork 2: Free of the past

Many people link choice with a sense of freedom. There is a satisfaction, a joy, in being able to freely select what you are inviting into your life next. It may be which bar of chocolate, which biscuit or piece of fruit, which job, which new relationship, which new home. It could be as simple as selecting tea or coffee or when to take a few minutes’ break. Each of these choices supports our sense of individual freedom and is usually welcomed.

Part of the focus of this Day of Light is to encourage you to wake up to some of the internal, habitual limitations you place on bring your focus back to the outer world and discover what you now choose.

Track 3: Angelic Love for Your Heart with Sananda

You move into the sea of light again and towards a state of oneness. Sananda guides you to awareness of the presence of angels and the love they offer. You receive an invitation to deepen your connection with the angels in your life. (22:53) (Music – Angels: Angels of Love)

Track 4: Restoring Inner Peace with Zadkiel 

Zadkiel invites you to join your guardian angel and the Angel of Grace in a journey to perceive, relieve and transmute areas of disturbance or upset. Restore your experience of complete inner tranquillity. (20:40) (Music – Awakening Your Heart Centre: Light Emerging)

Track 5: Loving Now with Zadkiel 

Join your Earth Angels on a journey to and through the angelic realms. Use this to reconnect joyfully with more of the love that you are and to feel at home gently receiving more love from All That Is. (17:31) (Music – Becoming Your Soul: Healing Treatment)

Lightwork 3: Free of the future

Making choices freely in the present moment also requires untangling from potential future influences. To what extent may worries about an imagined future make a subtle difference? How much influence might be a concern about other people’s responses or opinions have on your decisions? Do you sometimes legitimise actions by saying to yourself that the end justifies the means?

If the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, then recognise that these concerns take you from the truth of the now. Let yourself go within and ask of your heart centre or your innermost self, ‘What decision is most aligned with my joy?’

Asking this question helps you to access the full scope of possibilities that exist in this present moment. Free of the influences of the past and the future you can live life more fully right now.
For this Day of Light we have been guided to encourage free discussion of the nature of choice based on the ideas above. Each group will have their own input and every discussion may range over a wide range of related ideas. For everyone using these notes and this recorded material we encourage you to ask yourself, through the months ahead, how much more are you aware of being in the present, being conscious of how you make decisions and choices, and what has influenced them? Perhaps you can discuss this with others as a general topic. And you will be welcome to share any insights or raise any questions in the comments box below.

Track 6: The Light of Now with Sananda

The Angel of Grace assists you to open to angelic love flowing through you. Then within the sea of light you move to a closer relationship with the Central Spiritual Sun, from which you may receive a gift of the Light of Now. (23:56) (Music – Temple of the Masters: The Temple of Healing Love)

Further information

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Special thanks to: Sanaya Roman for permission to use Thaddeus’s music on these recordings, (Thaddeus’s music can be obtained from

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