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Anchoring Starlight: Procyon

Anchoring Starlight: Procyon Procyon helps you to allow your heart centre to sustain a steady state of expansiveness. About this course In this inner journey you explore the relationship of the soul of Procyon with heart centre and how the light of the star can help its continuing evolution. Course materials The course consists of …

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Anchoring Starlight: Regulus

Anchoring Starlight: Regulus The soul of Regulus helps you deepen self-acceptance and inner peace. About this course In this inner journey the light of Regulus washes through your energy field helping to dissolve residual energy forms that you no longer need. Course materials The course consists of one inner journey, with an introductory talk and …

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Anchoring Starlight: Vega

Anchoring Starlight: Vega Receive transmissions to increase harmony between all aspects of your human presence. About this course The star Vega has a resonance with the patterns of vibration that make up our human presence. It is as if the star has a greater understanding than most for what it actually feels like to be …

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Anchoring Starlight: Sadr

Anchoring Starlight: Sadr Sadr helps you to enter your life anew through your heart. About this course Sadr offers a light that we may experience as being somewhat like the amniotic fluid of the womb: supportive and nourishing. In this course you have the opportunity to explore and observe these  qualities, bringing nurturing and healing …

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Anchoring Starlight: Orion Nebula

Anchoring Starlight: Orion Nebula The oversoul of the Orion Nebula helps you to realise more of your Divine Essence. About this course This course explores two qualities especially: expansiveness and revelation. The nebula covers an enormous space and Sananda guides us to enjoy the freedom this grants us. That in turn opens us to a …

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