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Helping Humanity: Healing History

Helping Humanity: Healing History Bring the light of compassion to humanity’s past About this course Your soul helps you to travel into the past, to connect with a loving heart present there and to bring the light of compassion to all involved in the events of that time and place. From Sananda’s introduction: In these …

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Meet Your Guide

Meet Your Guide Sananda holds a supportive space as you meet an unconditionally loving friend from the realms of light. About this course A connection with your guide can be a wonderful experience. Your guide loves you unconditionally and loves to help you develop your spiritual skills and your life skills. Guides work unobtrusively and …

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Welcoming a Soulmate

Welcoming a Soulmate Welcome a loving relationship into your life. About this course This course is designed to help you to connect with a soulmate on the inner planes, to build that relationship before you meet and to smooth the path that links you so that your journey to meeting and getting to know one …

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You Are a Citizen of the Galaxy

You Are a Citizen of the Galaxy Explore a larger context for your life on Earth. Find out more About this course These inner journeys introduce some main themes of Sananda’s teaching: the beauty of your being, your skill as a creator, your relationship with the stars, your part in a larger plan and the value …

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Angels for Your Heart

Angels for Your Heart Receive angelic gifts. About this course Increase the flow of angelic love through your heart centre as you receive more of their gifts. This course is one of the short introductory courses that give you an opportunity to experience Sananda’s teaching as well as taking you into an uplifting state of consciousness which …

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Evolving the Heart Centre

Evolving the Heart Centre Explore the beauty of your heart centre About this course Each of these inner journeys introduces a particular aspect of the heart centre and helps you explore it. The journeys can be good to listen to with a group as well as by yourself. You may like to use them to …

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The Garden of Beautiful Thought

The Garden of Beautiful Thought Sananda guides you to a beautiful garden where you may receive light from the soul of the sun. About this course This inner journey guides to a beautiful and peaceful place in another dimension where you are helped to evolve your mental body. This is one of the short introductory …

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