Light loves you. The light that lies behind all things is drawn to you. You are a doorway through which light finds expression in the outer world. You are fulfilling light’s agenda. For light is conscious; indeed we may say that light is the fundamental substance of consciousness. Light’s purpose is to become more of itself: consciousness becoming more conscious. You are both a means by which that purpose is fulfilled and an object of the purpose. For light wishes to bring you into greater consciousness.

The movement of light through your being here on earth does this. As light passes through the doorway of your being it releases light that has become enfolded within matter. As light passes through you, you give that light expression. You shape light. Gradually you are learning to collaborate with light to permit it to find forms that are more and more beautiful. At this time the greatest scope for the expression of light through you is the creation of beautiful experiences. This process is always a co-creation. For not only are you collaborating with the light itself, but, whilst you are on Earth, you are also collaborating with the earth too. Not only that, you are collaborating with one another. Whatever you create on Earth is always created with others. Even if they are not physically present, not known to you directly or indirectly, in one way or another collaboration is happening.

Your thoughts are a powerful part of the creative process and they do not belong to you alone. The barrier between you and the rest of humanity is highly permeable. In many ways you, as humanity, are but a single consciousness with billions of different individual focuses which manifest as your unique location in time and space, your physical presence, your human body.

Recognising that you are engaged in a process of co-creation increases the flow of light through you and helps to enhance the forms with which that light manifests in your reality. You do need need to know with whom you are creating, simply be aware that others are participating in whatever you are choosing to create. Allow yourself to enlist their help. Let their light add to yours and trust the light to find its own highest form.

In time you will find yourself becoming more aware of those with whom you are co-creating. Groups of the increasingly conscious are discovering one another around the world, not as separate, exclusive clubs that you must sign up to, but as informal affiliations, overlapping, changing for the work of the moment, and all aligning as best they may with the Divine Plan for humanity. While such groups as we describe here exist predominantly on the inner planes, you may also find yourself meeting like-minded souls in the outer world and forming allegiances for the fulfilment of shared higher purposes. Let such groups be guided by goodwill.

Such groups exist already, of course. What is newer and increasing over the coming years is twofold. First, a greater consciousness that might be defined as an increased willingness and ease in allowing the light to work through you; and second, a desire for fulfilment that might be defined as the intention to create beautiful experience.

Beautiful experience is a continuum starting in the present moment and running forward into the future. It allows you to relax attachment to outcomes and be more present. The degree of your presence in each moment is a measure of the flow of light through the doorway of your being. And since light is the builder of outcomes, a greater flow of light tends to create a higher outcome.

In this process you are highly active. Your consciousness, your thoughts and intentions shape light. You give it impetus and direction as it moves into the world through you. There are many skills available to you that allow you to become a more conscious collaborator with the light. You can learn to be a choreographer in the dance of light through time and space. Over the coming years we will be teaching such skills. You may like to join us.

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