Creating a City of Light

Volume 2: The Sun and Friends

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The inner journeys in this volume help you to deepen your connections with friends in other cities of light and with their associated stars, in particular the Sun, Sirius and Arcturus, and to develop states of consciousness that Sananda feels will help us as we create a city of light ourselves.

Most of these sessions have two inner journeys, either introducing pairs of states or providing an opportunity to build on a skill introduced in the first journey. All of these skills help us to welcome Divine Presence; all are developed further or contribute to key states of consciousness Sananda goes on to teach in subsequent volumes. 

In these inner journeys you are increasingly moving beyond the limitations of the personality and into your soul’s experience. You could think of the skills you are learning as soul skills. Your soul acts as a bridge between your human presence and your divine self. These skills help you to recognise your own divine essence and to bring your inner light to a fuller expression that, in concert with many others, contributes to the creation of the shared environment of love, light, joy and wisdom that we call a city of light.

Suggestions for studying this volume

We suggest listening to each session before reading its accompanying notes. Though you may find it helpful to study the whole of each session in one listening, it is not essential to do so. Listening to these inner journeys several times is likely to enhance their effect. Trust your intuition in choosing when and how often you listen to each one. As well as listening to the inner journeys we encourage you to practise sometimes visiting the inner spaces and using the skills you are learning without the recorded journeys. In this way you build confidence in yourself and make these skills your own.

Trust your own process. Some of these skills and states may seem uncertain at first, but under the guidance of your soul you will absorb and integrate them naturally. Remember that we have a comparatively limited range of concepts and vocabulary for the inner spaces we are exploring, and so you may find that your personality self is unsure how to translate your experiences into a language with which it feels familiar. In other words, you may find your experiences are sometimes quite abstract, or more abstract than you would like. If this is so, continue to reassure yourself and be alert to what you are experiencing rather than what your personality self thinks you ought to be experiencing.

Always feel free to ask inwardly for assistance, for there is much loving help available as you travel into these inner spaces. All the while you are being helped to deepen your appreciation of the beauty of your own being, for it is your soul’s wish and the wish of the friends you connect with in cities of light that you may know the joy of aliveness that is theirs. We wish you joy as you make these inner journeys.

A reminder: Do not listen while driving.

Since these inner journeys may take you into deep states of relaxation, do not listen to them when driving or doing anything, such as operating machinery, that requires you to be alert and focused on the outer world.

Creating a City of Light: The Sun and Friends

Session 13: Stillness in Yourself as an Attribute of a City of Light

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Music by Thaddeus: Rising into the Light from Initiation


Sananda guides you within the familiar city of light to a fountain of light where you may experience movement and stillness in one. Then the focus moves to connections with all who may share a quality of stillness with you. The connections expand to include your friends from the familiar city and the angelic realms, adding to the sense of stillness. From there you begin to explore the threshold at which the timelessness of the Divine Self moves into the world of time and space.

Stillness is one of the qualities of light moving more strongly into our world. The connections we make give more space for this state to exist, and stillness itself invites Divine Presence. We will continue to explore new qualities of light (new, either because new to the earth plane or new in their abundance or volume), for they offer us building blocks from which a city of light is created.

Adam Kadmon  A term for the developing human energy field. A shared template for human consciousness.

Arriving  You might think of creating, becoming and arriving as three aspects of fulfilment. Creating is a fundamental impetus in our relationship with the world and it moves us from being into becoming. Arriving marks a recognition of change in ourselves and our relationship to the world, which in turn prepares us for a fresh impetus of creativity.

Beautiful Presence  A way of understanding and experiencing yourself through the recognition that you need know only this of yourself, that you are present and your are beautiful. The focus of energy you bring to the earth plane and use to magnetise to you the energy field that sustains your human presence.

Beauty of Being  A state of consciousness where there is a realisation of your self as beautiful presence flowing through time and space.

Becoming  Often used in relation to being, where being is an absolutely fundamental state of existence and becoming is a state of being we know in a world of linear time. Becoming is closely related also to growing, which we might divide into two aspects: creating and becoming; so that becoming conveys the state of growing, while creating carries a sense of the impetus to grow.

Capacity  On the inner planes, the volume of space you make available to receive the gifts of the Universe.

City of Light  The product of many individuals coming together and consciously configuring their energy fields so that they interact for the highest good of all. An environment that welcomes, supports and sustains Divine Presence.

Convergence  The bringing together of two or more dimensions. Specifically, the process of aligning our energies, through bringing in higher frequencies and building consciousness, with those of one or more pre-existing cities of light.

Creating  Used in the broader sense of bringing into being or into reality and applied widely to include, for instance, thoughts, rather than in a narrower sense, for instance, of being artistic. By this definition we are all creative without any exceptions. That quality of consciousness we use to manifest a reality.

Divine Presence  The Source of All manifesting coherently into a reality. Related to the realisation of our our Divine selves, that is, the outward manifestation of our inner light. Also related to some traditional ideas of a Second Coming where there is a recognition that such a manifestation can only occur through, or assisted by, a process of self-realisation.

Familiar City of Light  We might understand the consciousness of the Earth as able to sustain multiple realities, each of which occupies a range of frequencies and which are to some degree distinct from one another. This city of light has been established over long periods of time and has a declared interest helping us to appreciate our beauty of being and our divine selves as they assist us in a process of convergence.

Flow  The free movement of energy. Sometimes the term is used to denote our ability to give, share or release energies or gifts we have received.

Gateway of Heaven  A centre at the base of your skull, where the spinal cord connects with the medulla oblongata (the lower part of the brainstem). This centre governs the exchange of the human and the divine. In particular it can be thought of as stepping down divine energies to frequencies compatible with human presence on Earth. It also acts as a threshold from which the divine may be witnessed and absorbed.

Plane of Universal Day  A particular place on the inner planes where we meet beings from other cities of light. You may experience it as a vast or limitless plane of light with a Spiritual Sun above. A place of shared frequencies where many different beings may meet.

Receptivity  Simply your ability and willingness to receive that which is given, especially given with unconditional love. Energetically analogous to the absorbency of a sponge, where capacity is the volume it can hold and flow is how easily it can release what has been absorbed.

Richness of Experience  All of the experiences of your life considered as a harvest, valuable in its own right, without reference to your personal assessment of whether the experiences were good or bad.

Threshold  A shift between energy states. Often with a sense of pausing to view or feel the potential of the next state.

Unfolding  A specific skill where forms within the energy field that have ‘folded’ to enclose whatever we have regarded as being outside our acceptable range of experience are opened or released so that more of the totality of our being may be recognised and accepted.

Unfurling  Another specific skill where you are looking at connections you make with others, especially those through the heart centre or the crown, and letting those connections open out to reveal all that you find beautiful in them. One of the ways of moving from beautiful presence to beauty of being.

Well of Dreams  An energy centre located at the base of the skull a little behind where your spine meets your head.
It may be thought of as a repository for memories of the choices you made and those you considered but did not follow up.

Session 14: Thresholds

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0142, Illumination from The Spiritual Sun; on CL0144, Spinning Wheel of Light from Awakening Your Heart Center


Threshold is the term Sananda is using to describe that moment or place where one state changes We now move to a series of sessions with two inner journeys in each. Two related inner journeys can be a useful way of introducing a state of consciousness and then giving you the opportunity to explore it further. Sometimes it simply allows more to be covered within a session. It is not necessary to listen to both inner journeys within a single session of your own studies, but you may find it helpful.

These two journeys focus upon that moment or place where one state changes to another. Threshold is the term Sananda is using. One obvious and important example of threshold is the meeting of past and future in our present moment. In a sense every threshold we encounter as humans will contain the meeting of past and future, since any threshold that we encounter, we encounter in the present. But we may meet other thresholds where time, though relevant, is not the primary focus, for instance the meeting of human self and divine self or our reality and that of the familiar city of light.

Sananda feels that increasing our awareness of thresholds can help us to absorb more of the gifts of light being offered to us. The threshold is the point of change; stillness is here and movement is implicit. It introduces us to a deeper understanding of the nature of change, the letting go of something fixed or known before launching into what we witness beyond the threshold as the potential of all that is yet to come. Exploring thresholds helps you to open your awareness to the richness that lies beyond.

These two inner journeys each focus on a different aspect of threshold: being at the threshold, with its association with stillness and being; and moving beyond a threshold, with its association with flow and becoming.  These journeys are also an introduction to the next session which explores beingness and receiving. Understanding more of these fundamental states of consciousness experientially can help you to move past the limitations of fixed identity into expanded states of consciousness.

Session 15: Unfolding and Receiving

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0152, Angels of Divine Love from Awakening Your Heart Center; on CL0154Heart Radiance from Awakening Your Heart Center


In this session Sananda is teaching a particular skill – unfolding – and relating it to another more general skill – receiving. That is to say, unfolding is seen as one skill among many that assist us to open to receive more. Sananda sees receiving as key to the next stage of the evolution of human consciousness. He suggests that we have limited our capacity to absorb the gifts the Universe offers us and we are entering a time in which this strategy or habit is becoming redundant.

In practice we have limited ourselves with many simple but quite engrained energy patterns: thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough’, feelings of fear, or experiences of overwhelm, for instance. The skills that Sananda is teaching here are designed to make easier and more natural for us to allow these old patterns to dissolve. You may also find that supportive measures like positive affirmations can help you to anchoring these skills more thoroughly.

Towards the end of the second inner journey Sananda suggests three aspects to receiving.  First is receptivity, which we might like to a sponge’s absorbency. Then there is capacity, our ability to hold that which we receive (to experience, to enjoy, to understand might all be aspects of this ability), and we might liken this to a sponge’s volume.  Then there is flow, our ability to let the gifts we receive be shared, to move in some way beyond our personal limits, and this skill we might liken to the sqeezability of the sponge, the release of what it has absorbed ready for the next cycle.

Having listened to these inner journeys, you might like to notice in your daily life the qualities explored here: your capacity to receive and to share, and your creative power and skill as you play with light.

Session 16: Becoming and Arriving

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0162, Light Emerging from Awakening Your Heart Center; on CL0164, Sirius from Star Journeys


Again our focus is upon very fundamental energy states that we share with many different kinds of being. Sananda feels that by going into these states more closely we deepen our understanding of our own consciousness and it becomes easier for us to sense where growth can most easily come. These two inner journeys, one for each state, also explore how these states relate to one another and the fruitful interaction between them.

Sananda is helping you to open up your energy field to sense the presence of the Divine Plan in every aspect and expression of it. As you bring together the states of becoming and arriving, for instance in the process of creating a city of light and the experience of having created it, there may also be an experience for you of the light that anticipates Divine Presence, and that in turn can facilitate a fuller realisation of your own divine self.

Session 17: Creativity and Inspiration

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0172, Temple Gardens from Temple of the Masters; on CL0174, Healing Treatment from Becoming Your Soul


In the first inner journey Sananda helps you to recognise your own creative source from the perspective of the being of light that you are. He guides you into the depths of your creativity, a space of ever-emerging energy, expressing itself through your being. He takes you on this journey step by step and you may find that you do not recollect all the steps, at least to begin with. We will be coming back to this energy space of creativity often, and so trust that familiarity brings with it an instinctive knowing that will help you find your way.

Inspiration is the theme of the second journey. Here inspiration is experienced as a gift from the Source of All which, added to the light of creativity, gives us so many further qualities: such as purpose, direction, engagement, understanding, insight, revelation, enlightenment. Sananda says that the light of inspiration is becoming much more accessible to us at this time and that an important part of his teaching is to help us receive and use this light in our lives.

Session 18: Being Source

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0182, Strands of Light from Becoming Your Soul; on CL0184Temple of Healing Love from Temple of the Masters


Both inner journeys guide you to the plane of Universal Day and to a specific, but unnamed, city of light to experience Divine Presence. In the first journey you are helped to use your experience of Divine Presence to deepen your sense of yourself as ‘I am Source’; while in the second you move into recognition of the multiple connections of friendship and love that are there for you and from these to experience that ‘We are Source’.

‘We are Source’ is a fundamental state of consciousness for the creation of a city of light, indeed a prerequisite, for a city of light itself is a shared creation. We might consider that all that we create is at least to some degree a shared process; the distinction between that and the creation of a city of light is the degree of conscious awareness. When we consciously choose to recognise ourselves as ‘We are Source’ then our capacity to hold the templates of light required to create a city of light begins to develop.

Session 19: Solar Initiation

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0192, Initiation from Initiation; on CL0194, Spiritual Sun Opening from Spiritual Sun


The Sun plays a very important part in the creation and development of a city of light. On Earth it is primarily solar light or light that comes to us through the Sun with which the city is built. In this age new qualities of light are being released by the Sun into our reality and it is these qualities of light that we touch upon in this session.

A great angelic being guides you into solar presence so that you may receive gifts of light into your heart centre. You are helped in this by the friends from the familiar city of light and by solar angels. The gifts you receive help to strengthen awareness of your own light, facilitating the process by which you may live more and more as your divine self.  

We will also be using these gifts, with angelic help and help from elder beings of other cities of light, to generate the forms of a city of light. While our angelic helpers may be said to hold and continuously update the light of the Divine Plan for humanity, the elders of other cities of light come to us as teachers. They have travelled this road before us and can show us the way. They come to pass on the skills of creating a city of light; we are apprenticed to them.

It is part of our purpose as a group to be, with many others, a doorway through which these gifts of light may pass with sufficient presence and intensity to become self-sustaining. In this way a city of light becomes simply a description for the outward expression our shared inner light.

Session 20: Gifts from an Arcturian City of Light

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0202, Spiritual Sun Lifting from The Spiritual Sun; on CL0204, Cellular Evolution from Becoming Your Soul


We return to an Arcturian city of light as the friends within this city help you to realise and embody more of your own divinity. Over the past several sessions you have been focusing upon some fundamental states of consciousness. Now you have an opportunity to sense yourself as a blending or weaving together of these and many other states of consciousness with the purpose of embodying the divine on Earth. Sananda refers to this blending as the Adam Kadmon body, a term drawn from the cabbalistic tradition and here used to describe to the energy field to which human consciousness aspires.

In the first inner journey the Arcturians help you to share their experience of the divine, bringing you gifts of light that you can build into your energy field.  Sananda introduces the gateway of heaven, a centre that governs the exchange of the human and the divine. It can be thought of as stepping down divine energies to frequencies compatible with human presence on Earth. It also acts as a threshold from which the divine may be witnessed and absorbed. In later sessions we will explore this and other centres within the head further. In the second journey the solar angels and devas help you to integrate the gifts you have received, releasing resistance and letting your energy field absorb them.

Session 21: Presence in an Arcturian City of Light

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0212, Rising into Light from Initiationon CL0214, Light Emerging from Awakening Your Heart Center


These two inner journeys help you to develop a stable experience of being within a city of light. This ‘continuity of presence’ is a very valuable skill that you may find takes a while to develop. In that sense it is a typical skill; we choose to apply ourselves to the skills we are drawn to, often with great patience, because we know that they take time and practice. So don’t be discouraged if you are sensing the beings we meet and the places we visit uncertainly or briefly. Being relaxed in your expectations helps: notice what you notice, rather than hunting for whatever you might think you should be noticing.

In these inner journeys stable configurations of light are used to help you, each based on a triangle. The triangle is very fundamental form, which offers one way of understanding this stability. We can also understand it as a product of the light of Sirius and of the Sun, which are coming together in new ways at this time to support the spiritual evolution of humanity, combined with that of Arcturus, which can be seen as a catalyst for graceful change.

Session 22: How and What We Learn from a City of Light

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0222, Strands of Light from Becoming Your Soul; on CL0224, Solar Contact from Temple of the Masters


In a continuation from our last session we again visit the Arcturian city of light, this time to explore in more depth the nature of learning in general, and how we learn from light especially. In the introductory talk I suggest three fundamentals to learning: receptivity, interest and experience. We have to be open to receive the new, interested in what is offered and then able to experience it in some ways as ours. In a very basic way this might describe the process of enlightenment. We find in ourselves a willingness to grow, we are drawn to the light and we experience ourselves increasingly as beings of light.

But exactly how this process happens can feel mysterious. The session starts with an inner journey to slow it down so that you may observe it in more detail. In the second journey a specific teaching occurs so that you may track the shift from a language of light to a realised experience. The process may continue to feel mysterious, but here you have an opportunity to observe more of how you engage in learning about, with and from light.

Session 23: Richness and Variety

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0232, Blending with Your Soul from Becoming Your Soul; on CL0234Angels of Divine Love from Awakening Your Heart Center


Here we have another pairing of states; these have a common theme of abundance, but each offers its own perspective on the light we find on the inner planes. Each helps lift us out of assumed ways of seeing ourselves, taking us into the light and allowing a greater sense of oneness with the light. This greater integration with our soul’s experience is fundamental to the creation of a city of light and in later sessions we use richness of experience as a stable state of consciousness from which we can open our creative gifts.

The soul’s sense of the richness and the variety of possibility offered us can enhance our own sense of being, opening our own light to us. As our choices within the light are more and more guided by Divine Will, a city of light may come to be seen simply as the expression of the light within each of us.

Session 24: The Spring and the Grove

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Music by Thaddeus: on CL0242, Healing Treatment from Becoming Your Soul; on CL0244, Surrendering from Initiation


Our friends in the familiar city of light express a wish to help us more directly. There is, after all, much that they can teach us. Predominantly, for a while anyway, they teach us through transmissions of light, holding spaces and guiding our awareness. More direct teaching of the kind we are familiar with, such as skills taught through verbal or visual information, may emerge out of our interactions with them.

This session is the beginning of that closer interaction. We are guided to specific spaces within the overall reality set we are calling a city of light. In both journeys the image and idea of the garden conveys important aspects of these places. The first journey takes you to a spring – of light or of water, depending on your perspective. You can use this light in many ways, which may include a sense of cleansing, releasing, dissolving or transmuting. The second journey takes you to a grove – a sacred space in nature, like a clearing amongst trees or an oasis. Here you may explore the connections you make with the world. Again this gives you a great deal of choice in exactly how you use what is offered here on any one visit.

There is a parallel with the previous session. To some extent we might consider these journeys as an interpretation of the particular qualities of light, richness and variety, that we were exploring. The spring manifests, amongst many other qualities, some of the characteristics Sananda drew your attention to in the richness of light, while the emphasis on connections within last session’s second journey is found again in this second journey.

What’s next?

Congratulations! You have completed Volume 2 of the Creating a City of Light course.

You can move directly on to Volume 3: The Light Within or you may prefer to revisit some favourite inner journeys or explore the spaces and connections you have been discovering without using the recordings. See what feels best for you.

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