Years ago, before indigo children were being spoken of, I was approached in meditation by a beautiful being preparing to incarnate. He told me he would be born in China and that we would probably never meet in person. Beyond that I know nothing of him. He asked for help, saying that many would be coming to Earth over the next few decades who would benefit from a greater understanding and appreciation for who they are and what their purpose is. The essence of the help he requested was the building of bridges between their reality, a reality of unconditional love and luminous inner light, and our world, the world in which they would be making their way.

For a while I worked with a dear friend to write a book about them and for their parents. I also published a newsletter bringing together my own channellings and articles of interest that I came across, and I began to record inner journeys to help build those bridges of light. In these beginnings I encountered a familiar issue of mine: the feeling of not good enough, not yet ready. After a while I put all these projects aside and turned my attention elsewhere.

Now the call is coming again, not from that one beautiful soul but from a deep sense within that another immense wave of souls is preparing to incarnate. This coming year I will be picking up this work again, channelling from Sananda a series of inner journeys to build bridges between that aspect of the soul planes where beings prepare for incarnation on Earth and the human energy field.

I have an incentive. I would meet individuals preparing to incarnate and they would tell me about the lives they envisaged. I loved this. You will find some of these accounts on the website. After a while these meetings stopped and I was told, very lovingly, that they would not start again until some more of this work for accomplished. Our teachers and guides are very loving, but they are not pushovers and they know us very well.

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  1. Hi Chris
    After reading your article ‘A Bridge of Light for the New children’ I felt to email you about our grandchildren. I feel it is more than just a coincidence that they are incarnated so close together in the same area.
    I have 6 grandchildren aged between 5 and 2 months, they all live within 5 – 10 minutes of each other and within 15 minutes of us. What I have noticed about all of them is how physically strong they are, moving their heads to look at someone from about 3 weeks, the older ones are all very loving, smiling and happy and they get along together very well. Bodie who is 8 months now gets so very excited when he sees his cousins, i feel certain he recognises them and he seems to have a special affinity with the eldest boy who is 5. I feel some of them are definitely part of the same soul group.
    I look forward to your writings on this subject.

    Warmest regards, Denise

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