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This is where you will find the recordings and written material for this online course. You can listen or download the recordings and read or print out the notes whenever you choose. For new members What equipment do I need? You will need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection and either speakers …

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4. Shared Mind

Now we begin to establish a key state of consciousness. Shared Mind is natural to us as beings and now, as a developing human consciousness, we are accessing this state again more and more to allow the gifts of the next stage of the Divine Plan to manifest on Earth. In my introductory talk I …

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1. Space of Mind

We start with an inner journey to introduce a particular space within the mental body, or a way of configuring your mental body, or a space on the inner planes that gives access to the mental body (depending on how you experience it). That sentence already gives you a clue to the kind of approach …

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