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Part 8: The Ceremony of Initiation

With the anchoring of the solar fire within the heart centre your relationship with the soul of the Sun opens to offer new possibilities. You may find a greater sense of integration, so that what were previously journeys through spaces external to yourself now reveal themselves more as journeys within the inner spaces of your own being.

Part 7: The Solar Heart

So far in this initiation the gift of solar fire has rested free and unattached within your heart centre for you to explore and use. You have had the opportunity to become familiar and to tell yourself about it, even if the telling is not really in words, but more a kind of inner knowing. The quality of your experiences gives you a degree of insight into the nature of this gift.

Now, if you wish, you may take ownership of this gift by entering a new stage of the initiation. Under the guidance of Azrael and the auspices of the Solar Presence the gift becomes yours, integrated with the threefold flame within the heart centre, sometimes called the jewel within the heart or the sacred flame.

Part 6: Expressing Light

Expressing our light is what we do; you can’t live on the earth plane without expressing energy into the world, and that energy has light as its primary form. Light itself we might consider to be the fundamental outward expression of love. You are doing your best to express love in each moment and the process of this initiation releases more of your inner light and in doing helps you dissolve some of the barriers to a fuller expression of the love we all are.

Part 5: The Space of Wonder

There are certain frequency patterns or qualities of light that are present in the space of core reality and that have a special relevance to us. These are qualities which translate easily from that space into our local reality and enhance our experience of being alive here. Two qualities that Sananda has selected to begin with are wonder and grace. These qualities combine in beautiful ways; in the previous session you used them explore the state of being with Source. In this session we go on to look at how this combination of qualities of light maybe brought more fully into our personal reality.

Part 4: The Wall of Fire

Now we return to the Wall of Fire with all of the skills and experiences gained since your visit earlier in the course. Your growing familiarity with solar fire, the merging with phoenix presence and opening to the fire aspect of your being, all facilitate your moving back and forth through the Wall of Fire.

Part 3: The Phoenix

A key understanding that can be helpful for this part of the course relates to the nature of the phoenix: it is both of us and other than us. In the introductory talk I use the analogy of the mitochondria, structures within the cell that are considered to have originated as independent organisms which long ago migrated into cells to create an evolutionary symbiosis that we as physical beings depend upon for proper cell function. This theory quietly calls into question our familiar notion of ourselves as independent self-contained biological units.

Additional Inner Journeys

Here is an inner journey which you may find helpful if you experience the solar fire ‘overheating’ or find it too active. Sananda introduces one of the less familiar chakras. It is located above the third eye about where your hairline begins (or used to!) and is sometimes called the indu centre. Sananda is referring to it as the centre at the top of your brow or simple the ‘high brow centre’.

Part 2: The Gift of Solar Fire

The particular gift of solar fire you are offered has its own specific characteristics and purposes, yet we may also think of it as typical. In its look and feel our inner senses may suggest very much what we would expect of fire from the Sun; not in terms of literal heat (though you may experience a feeling of warmth in this session’s inner journeys), but in vividness, dynamism and beauty. This fire may be considered as coming from the treasuries of the Sun. It has been held in store against this time and contains within it aspects of the next stage in the fulfilment of the Divine Plan that we have been anticipating.

12: Divine Gifts

The culmination of this course takes us again into the sacred space where we may merge our minds further with angel mind. Now Sananda opens the focus out from the light of inspiration to a much broader spectrum, which he refers to as Divine Gifts. Your experience will be your own; we may presume that the attention of …

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Part 1: Becoming an Initiate

We begin with a visit to a solar temple with the spiritual energy field of the Sun. In our first inner journey you meet the angel Azrael and are inducted into this process of initiation with the first of two gifts. The cloak of light is more than a symbol. It confers upon your energy field qualities of light with particular functions. These include three especially that you may become aware of.

11: Inspiration

In this session we begin to explore that space, sacred and temple-like, in which we may connect with Angel Mind. We meet angelic presence and receive transmissions of light. Sananda selects the light of inspiration as a valuable starting point, because, of course, it assists us to be inspired, and also dissolves overly rigid thought forms …

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Two preparatory journeys

Sananda guides you receive transmissions that assist you towards greater inner harmony. At the same time you are building connections with the soul of the Sun and with the angel Azrael. In addition Sananda is introducing certain ways of relating to time and space that we will be exploring further. Beyond this he is not yet introducing the skills, spaces and states …

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