You live in a world of movement and change. It is natural to experience love as something you give and receive; it moves between you. Yet you also are love. There is a stillness at the heart of your being that is the love that you are. You can be this stillness and in doing so, relieve yourself of a kind of work you may have unconsciously committed yourself to.

Many of you intend love as a recompense for your perceived failings. We, the guides and beings of light who love to help you, do not see these failings. For us, you are simply beautiful. But this may not yet be wholly your own perception of yourself and to the extent that it isn’t, you recompense an imagined lack with extra activity. You will yourself to be more loving. This, you may have noticed, is difficult to do! Your own will and love are a little like oil and water; they don’t mix easily. Love relaxes, will braces.

Let go of the notion that you are lacking in love, whether in giving or receiving. This is a thicket of illusion. Imagine anew the tale of Sleeping Beauty. In this version you are both the princess and the prince; they meet in you. Long ago some slight brought trouble to you; your parents (an earlier stage of yourself) wanted to reject the bad fairy (whatever it was within you that you feared) and in that rejection stored up revenge, for the darkness in each being is not to be feared, but loved.

One day as you worked that revenge came and you fell into a deep sleep, a loss of consciousness. But an aspect of yourself, the prince, stayed free to find you and bring you again to yourself. The prince believes he must hack through the thickets of illusion, the brambles that catch and snag, telling him he is insufficient, that he must try harder. But you know the way of brambles with their backward-facing thorns. Ease back, go gently, and you unhook yourself. Then you come to the heart of the forest, to the kiss that awakens. Prince and princess are united, the striving is done, the sleep is over. They are are the same being, who was once polarised into striving and sleeping. The traditional ending ‘…and they lived happily ever after’, now becomes the state of ‘being love’, fully conscious and free of struggle.


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