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Awakening Your Light Body online

Take a leap forward on your path of spiritual growth by awakening your light body with tried and tested skills used successfully by thousands around the world.

An invitation

This is a wonderful time to take a major step forward on your path of spiritual growth.  I have found the Awakening Your Light Body course, created by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman with their guides DaBen and Orin, to be of profound significance in my life and I love to share these very special skills. You can study this course live online beginning on Tuesday 7 September 2021.

An online evening class

Join an online evening class each Tuesday from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm for 24 weeks (with a two-week break over Christmas, completing on 22 February 2022). Every session is recorded and as a student you can download and listen to all the recordings whenever you wish.

The total fee for the course is £390. You can secure your place with a deposit of £30 (of which £25 is refundable if for any reason you decide not to join the course). Shortly before the start of the course you will be able to set up payment of the balance as six monthly instalments of £60.

Why this course means so much to me

What is your Light Body?

Your light body is a new energy body – a part of your aura that was not possible to awaken before the new, higher energies came to the earth plane. Your light body is an energy body that exists at a higher level, closer to your soul, than your chakras. You have seven vibrational energy body centres and three light body centres, for a total of ten centres that power and make up your light body.

As you awaken your body you will learn how to change less harmonious energies into positive ones and use the energy around you to go higher. You may experience a stronger sense of personal power and a greater ability to control your emotions, stay centred, release old blocks and stuck emotional energy, and respond with love and compassion.

Your light body opens doorways to the higher realms of light, such as the soul plane. Awakening your light body assists you in adding light to your thoughts, opening your channel upward, and connecting with the Universal Mind. As you awaken your light body you will learn how to get into states of consciousness where you can more easily choose actions that reflect the light of your soul and higher self. You can experience many illumined states of awareness in these journeys; states of consciousness that are deeply insightful, blissful, and take you beyond thought into direct experiences of beingness. In these states you can see, sense, or feel the expansive energies of the higher dimensions and make them a part of your daily life.

Is this the course for you?

Those who have benefited from the light body course have usually been on a path of spiritual growth for a while. If this course is for you, you are aware that you have a higher self and soul and would like to strengthen your connection to them. You are interested in developing your psychic abilities and in becoming more aware of subtle energies and how to work with them. You have an interest in experiencing expanded states of consciousness that bring clarity, new ideas, and insights. You believe that you can create your own reality, and are interested in becoming more skilled at creating the reality you want.

You know you have a mission, something you came to do, although you may not yet know what it is. You want to fulfil more of your higher purpose, and know more about what your life purpose is. You may be sensitive to people’s energy, and you would like to learn ways to be at choice about what energies you are affected by. You are willing to let go of those things that no longer serve your higher purpose, and are actively seeking to manifest those things that do. You believe you deserve to have a wonderful, joyful, abundant life.

How was this course created?

The light body skills were first developed by guides DaBen and Orin through their channels Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman. Several years ago Duane felt drawn to visit power spots in the Utah desert. While there, DaBen began teaching Duane how to awaken his own light body centres. After that, when Duane went to these power spots he experimented with the light body centres under DaBen’s direction. Orin, in the meantime, was giving courses in spiritual growth and teaching people how to stay balanced and to integrate all the light they were bringing in. He was teaching people how to grow spiritually, to become their higher selves, and to make soul contact. Orin and DaBen combined these techniques to put together a course in awakening the light body in 1989.  Since then Duane and Sanaya have trained many teachers around the world to teach this course.

How is the course structured?

The course is taught over 24 weeks as an evening class of an hour and a half each week. Each session has two inner journeys with introductory talks and time for sharing experience and asking questions.

All sessions are recorded so that you can listen to the inner journeys and talks whenever you want. The course is accompanied by helpful study notes.

In addition, there is an optional chatroom on most Saturday mornings at 9.00 am when you can join me and other students of the course to share experiences and ask any questions you may have.

All graduates of the Awakening Your Light Body course can also join our Light Body Graduate Group to continue developing theses wonderful skills.

The Awakening Your Light Body course and I

I am a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course as developed by DaBen and Orin, channelled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, and am teaching others in awakening their light bodies based upon my understanding of it. I teach the course with Sananda, whose beautiful and powerful energies help you to make the most of these skills.

The skills taught on this course I regard as without equal. When the Awakening Your Light Body course first became available in this country I felt very powerfully drawn to study it. In 1991 I became the first UK teacher of the course and have taught it to scores of students around the country. I have also have continued to participate in Light Body seminars both in the United States and online so that I could develop and deepen my understanding of these skills. 

Already a graduate of the Awakening Your Light Body course?

I’m offering a special graduate refresher rate of just £30 per month, if you are already a graduate of the light body course, having studied either with a recognised teacher or with DaBen’s and Orin’s six-volume recorded course.  By taking the course again you may find you benefit greatly from this opportunity to renew your skills, develop your understanding and deepen your experience of the light body. Please use the form below if you’d like to take advantage of this offer.

Ask a question

If you’d like to ask more about the course, please use this form or visit www.orindaben.com.

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    Take a leap forward on your path of spiritual growth with tried and tested skills used successfully by thousands around the world.

    From Tuesday 7 September 2021 7.00 – 8.30 pm each week for 24 weeks. Total for the course £390.

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