Aldebaran: Astronomy


Aldebaran is a big, ancient star, far larger than the Sun (see the image for a comparison of their sizes) and the brightest star in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull. At about 65 light years away it’s a comparatively close neighbour. Within the constellation of Taurus it appears as part of an open star cluster, the Hyades, but it’s actually much closer. It lies near the path followed by the Sun and the Moon as they cross the sky and is regularly occluded by the Moon as it passes in front of it. Aldebaran’s luminosity is considerably higher than that of the Sun, about 425 times as bright, while its surface temperature is a little less than the Sun’s. Over the next few million years it is expected that it will grow brighter yet.

Finding Aldebaran

orion_belt_to_aldebaranIt’s easy to find in the winter skies of the Northern Hemisphere.  In the constellation of Taurus and distinctly reddish, even to the naked eye, you can find it by following the line of Orion’s belt upwards to the right. Follow that same line on again and you come to the Pleiades, a small cluster of stars sometimes called the Seven Sisters (top right in the diagram here), though to the naked eye there are generally considered to be just six that are especially bright and easy to see.

Aldebaran: Mythology

Aldebaran’s name comes from the Arabic Al Dabaran, the follower: that is, the follower of the Pleiades. The name was once applied to all the stars that make up the Hyades group, but over time it became applied solely to its brightest star. Hyades is thought to come from the Ancient Greek huein, meaning ‘to rain’because their morning and evening settings in May and November were associated with the rainfall common then. The Hyades, who were half-sisters of the Pleiades, themselves often called the Seven Sisters, are gathered within the larger group of Taurus, generally illustrated not as the whole figure of the bull, but just its chest, front legs, head and horns, the latter two being made up from the stars of the Hyades. Consequently in England the star was often called the Bull’s Eye.  Taurus is associated with the story of Europa and the Bull, in which Zeus took the form of a bull, seized Europa and carried her off into the sea, which is why the constellation only shows the front of the bull, the rest of his body being hidden in the water. Europa herself (the name is derived from the Greek words for ‘wide eyes’) may represent the Egyptian goddess Hathor, often pictured with the disc of the Sun between her horns.

Aldebaran Field

In some Mexican myths Aldebaran is seen as providing light for the seven women giving birth (Pleiades). The lunar month corresponding to October is called Queeto yaao “Aldebaran’s path”. In one Australian Aboriginal myth this star is an ancestor who stole another man’s wife. The woman’s husband tracked him down and burned the tree in which he was hiding and he turned into smoke and rose into the sky to become the star Aldebaran.

Aldebaran: Spiritual Qualities

Key Qualities: Acceptance, Opportunity, Compassion

In our webinar we focus on how Aldebaran can help us to develop a fuller compassion for ourselves and our world. The soul of the star helps us to experience ourselves as an energy field free of fixed form but open to a multitude of ways of relating part to part and moment to moment.


Somewhat in the way an atomiser takes a perfume and turns it into a multitude of droplets which then release their fragrance more effectively, Aldebaran helps us turn the continuum of experience into moments, so that we may appreciate their beauty more fully. As we gather that beauty together so we discover a uniqueness, which we might like to a fragrance that can transport us into a state of deep inner peace.

Our Inner Journey

Specifically in this inner journey Aldebaran helps us release regrets that we may have used to link together individual moments to create chains of regret that have limited us in our ability to experience self-love. The soul of the star then offers us a gift of light with which we may increase our alignment with higher purpose and Divine Will.

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Please note: This inner journey may take you into deep states of relaxation. Do not listen while driving.

The recording of this session is divided into the talk (with the letter T after the file number) and the inner journey (with the letter J after the file number).

Music on Track 2 is by Thaddeus: Angels of Divine Love from Awakening Your Heart Center.

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