Welcome to the first session of this Anchoring Starlight series. Here you can read about the astronomy, mythology and spiritual qualities of this star. Below that are recordings of our session for you to listen to or download. In addition there are further suggestions you may like to explore.

Alcyone: Astronomy

Clarifying Intention, Manifesting Potential, Trusting Yourself

Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades, which is a young group of stars formed in the last 100 million years.  They are about 410 light years away in the constellation of Taurus.  It is thought that they will remain together as a group for the next 250 million years or so before moving outwards into the Galaxy. The stars, clearly visible within the nebulosity of star dust around them, ‘glitter like a swarm of fire-flies tangled in a silver braid’, as the poet Tennyson wrote. Alcyone is a brilliant star: nearly ten times the radius of our Sun, it spins more than 100 times faster and emits a thousand time as much light.

Finding Alcyone

Start with Orion, the giant-like constellation striding across the winter skies of the Northern Hemisphere. Follow the line of Orion’s belt to the reddish star Aldebaran and about as far again until you come to the cluster of the Pleiades. On a clear night you may see six or more stars distinct within a group that actually comprises several hundred. Alcyone is the brightest.

Alcyone: Mythology

Finding PleiadesOften known as the Seven Sisters, one myth tells that the Pleiades were the daughters of Atlas (who carried the heavens upon his shoulders). In order to escape from the hunter Orion’s desire for them they turned into doves and flew into the sky to become the stars we see now.
For the Inuit, however, the Pleiades were a group of hunters and dogs who chased a bear out onto the ice and on up into the sky where it became Ursa Major; they chase it still.  In Sweden they were once known as Suttjenes Rauko (Fur in Frost), referring to a servant turned out in the cold by his master; perhaps the sparkling stars with their background nebulosity reminded them of ice crystals catching the light on a fur coat.

Pleiades_LMany cultures have given the Pleiades great significance. Early Arabic astronomers gave Alcyone names meaning Central One, Bright One and Walnut. For Indians it was Arundhati, wife of Vashishtha or Brahma who with their six sons are the seven rishis who make up the seven stars of the Plough.  The name Alcyone was thought by the ancient Greeks be connected with Halcyon, the kingfisher.  In one of their myths Alcyone lost her husband in a storm at sea and the gods, taking pity on them both, changed them into kingfishers.  Ever since there have been seven days of calm, the halcyon days, around the winter solstice.

An introduction from Sananda

The Pleiades are newcomers to your Universe, but you could think of them as a group of elder beings who have chosen to come back in the form of stars, having completed a long cycle of experience. They come to offer the fruits of that experience: new ways of organising energy, new forms of dynamic harmony. Their purpose is to broadcast what they have found out to the rest of the Galaxy, but particularly to star systems like your own which exist in the neighbouring volume of space.

The quality of space here is such that there is a huge receptivity to evolutionary change in this age. In some ways the space that you exist in is like a sponge, absorbing love and light. This love and light is then drawn to all – star systems, planetary systems and the beings who live within them – who are open to receive this stimulus to growth. The Pleiades are offering some organising principles to assist those who are drinking in this light and love.

Alcyone is a focus for the stars of this group, and you can use it in this way too. Its light is organised into planes or bandwidths so that it can offer a very focused or tailored light to each being who chooses to connect with it, a little like the way in which a radio offers to each of you a range of stations from which you choose your favourite. This can give a sense of personal connection that in part explains humanity’s long attraction to and interest in this group of stars.

Alcyone: Spiritual Qualities

Key Qualities: Clarifying Intention, Manifesting Potential Trusting Yourself

Over many generations a group of Pleiadean beings associated with Alcyone have been holding a focus for humanity, a vision of the peaceful and fluent transformation of human consciousness to its next level. They have a particular interest in the development of new, more open and flowing forms of thought. In the Halls of Learning there is a room with an etheric model of the Earth at its heart.  Here this group study the unfolding of the blueprint for the Earth and use their wisdom, their light and their love to transmit through this etheric model to the consciousness of humanity forms of light that, on the principle of resonance, facilitate our journey along our own highest path without altering its direction, just as a catalyst accelerates chemical change without altering its outcome.

Our inner journey

In our inner journey we explore how Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades, can help our mental bodies to evolve. Sananda guides us to look at the relationship between overview and focus (what we might call the bird’s eye view and the mouse’s view) and how we may simultaneously sustain a broad overview of all that our life is and have a focused awareness of many different events and individuals within our life. As we develop this skill so the mental body changes some of its familiar ways of functioning, especially by moving to a higher level of intuitive thinking, where mental energy is able to manifest more directly as experience without needing to go through the production of fixed thoughts or ideas.

Listen or download

Please note: This inner journey may take you into deep states of relaxation. Do not listen while driving.

The recording of this session is divided into the talk (with the letter T after the file number) and the inner journey (with the letter J after the file number).

Music on Track 2 is by Thaddeus: Illumination from The Spiritual Sun.

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Starlight Journeys

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