Advanced Courses

Here you will find recorded courses that are more advanced. All of them are channelled from Sananda and all teach skills of light to assist and support your spiritual growth. Generally they are longer and go into greater depth than the introductory and intermediate courses. Trust that if you feel drawn to one of the courses here that you are ready for the skills it teaches. You may be more advanced than you think!

Currently these courses are being remastered and their notes updated. As this process is completed for each of the advanced courses you will find it here.

All these courses are offered free of charge. Many have a suggested donation, as you may choose to make an energy exchange for these teachings and support this continuing work. Donations can be added from your shopping cart.

Immediately after placing your order you will receive an email containing download links for your course.  You can also access your course materials by logging in and going to My Heaven on Earth.