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Thank you for visiting. We offer teachings of light designed to help you to enjoy more deeply the wonder of your being, to express more fully your unique gifts in the world and to experience greater fulfilment in all aspects of your life.

Who we are

Christopher Sell works with the beautiful being of light called Sananda.

Sananda is a timeless being in service to all of humanity.

Christopher has been channelling Sananda’s teachings more than twenty-five years.  

Regular events

Mini Meditations

Each Monday at 9.00 am


First Wednesday at 7.00 pm


First Thursday at 7.00 pm

The new teachings

The Flowering of a City of Light

Use your inner light to create a life of joy and fulfilment in harmony with the world

The Garden of Light and Love

Be bathed with light in another dimension of Earth to help you realise your divine self

Sananda is bringing forward new powerful and uplifting teachings to help us make the most of the inflows of transformative light entering our reality over the coming years.

Each strand is complete in itself. Together they offer a programme of expanding your consciousness, manifesting your highest path and helping the planet.

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The Dawn of Grace

Open to receive the light of grace as you meet and work with beautiful beings of light

The Council of the Stars

You are welcomed by the illumined beings who guide the evolution of human consciousness.

For your tea break

Mini Meditations

Guided inner journeys to help your day
New each week


Short channelled articles on many subjects


Sananda responds to topics and questions


A soul guidance session with Sananda can be a great way to refresh your sense of purpose and to gain a deeper understanding of your life here on Earth.

It’s also an opportunity to ask Sananda whatever is on your mind.

Sananda’s guidance is loving and open.

His purpose is to help you appreciate and access more of your own wisdom.

Soul Guidance

A one-to-one consultation with Sananda


Heaven on Earth Community

Connect and share with others on a spiritual path

Beautiful Presence

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Architects of Light

Join our pioneer group exploring light - discounts on all courses

Helping the world

Healing History

Bring the light of compassion to humanity’s past

Planting Seeds of Joy

Place pools of joy in time and space

Places of Peaceful Resolution

Create environments of peace to facilitate wise decisions

Skills for helping to evolve human consciousness by coming together with others on the inner planes and sharing your gifts for the benefit of all of humanity.

In using these skills you are also assisting yourself, for all the help you offer others you also offer to yourself. Some of the skills focus on healing. Others sow seeds and establish new ways of cooperating with one another.

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Opening Pathways Home

Help those who have found themselves entangled as they leave the earth plane

Over the Bridge of Light

Smoothing the path from this human life to the next dimension of being

Welcome the Children

Helping coming generations to bring into human form more of their divine light


The souls of many stars steer their light to our reality.

Each star brings unique frequencies to us, awakening more of our own inner light.

They offer their wisdom and their love to help us grow.

Teachings from the Stars

Connect with beings of light from the stars

Starlight Essences

Absorb the transformative light of the stars
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