Session 97: Developing Luminosity

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Music by Thaddeus: Silent Majesty


As you develop luminosity you are creating a welcoming vibrational state, or state of consciousness, in which more of your divine self can manifest.

This inner journey begins with a series of quite smooth transitions into a greater awareness of your own luminosity and then Sananda guides you within the familiar city to the Place of Learning with its central column of light. Here a great being of light transmits to assist you deepen awareness of the luminosity that helps you access, and know you yourself as, your divine self.

Naturally, as you identify more with your divine self, existing as it does beyond the limitation of time and space and indeed ultimately beyond all change, you are also finding those increasingly stable states of consciousness that are the theme of this volume.  

You may find that these expanded states of consciousness help you to stay focused and present and at the same time to appreciate yourself as being light reaching into other dimensions. It may be easier to release the constraints of your personality self and be more fully your love and light in each present moment.

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