Session 95: Finding the Light of Shared Purpose Moment by Moment

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Music by Thaddeus: Spiritual Sun Opening from The Spiritual Sun


Our focus is again on flow: one state flowing into the next, moment flowing to moment, you flowing in the direction of a more and more complete fulfilment of the Divine Plan. 

As in the previous session Sananda helps you to blend the space of one heart and the space of shared creation into a single state of shared consciousness. You are then guided into the flow of shared purpose moving through time, with opportunities to explore the creation of moments of time.

You may experience a new quality of light that we will be exploring in the next volume. Luminosity might be described as your inherent light expressing itself through your presence.  Be open to sensing this quality, whilst allowing yourself to be relaxed about whether or how you experience it.

The next session will look at how we gather the light of the Divine Plan, as we find it in the moment, and shape it into the choices and actions that give us a sense of fulfilment.

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