94: Guiding Shared Purpose into Your Life

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Music by Thaddeus: Spiritual Sun Opening from Manifesting Potential Consciousness in Motion


Sananda helps you to experience the space of one heart and the space of shared creation as aspects of a single state of consciousness. This is a journey of bringing together different states and qualities we have been exploring to create a more continuous flow, where different frequency patterns are highlighted and released like different currents and flows within a river.

Let yourself go with these flows, noticing all you can in a complex set of interactions between yourself and the light, yourself and the shared consciousness of the gridwork of light, angelic consciousness and the Divine Plan.

You are guided to bring these flows of light through the head centres to your heart centre and from there outwards into the life you are living. Using the centres in this way can help you to embody the light you are receiving, building consciousness as you do so. In particular you may notice a cleansing of the well of dreams and a stimulation to the light at the centre of the head.

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