88: Opening the Heart to Add to the Possible

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Music by ThaddeusBlending with Your Soul from Becoming Your Soul


The transmissions received from the Solar Presence in this inner journey are helping the heart centre to develop. Through the Sun more of the heart centre’s potential, realised in other dimensions, becomes available on the earth plane.

The state of one heart and the flower of creation that we explored in earlier sessions combine to offer new ways by which we may more effectively manifest the light of the Divine Plan into our reality. We might think of this combination as a collective space of unconditional love that helps each one sharing the space let the deepest vision of her or his heart find expression and move into realisation.

At the personality level it continues to be valuable to let go of needing to know; rather allowing what is to emerge in the trust that we shape light beautifully. As we become more conscious of the ways in which we give form to light, so we may well find a great consciousness awareness of what we are creating. But I think it still reamins a process of observing and allowing much more that an attempt to command.