85: Stability in a City of Light

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Music by Thaddeus: Rising into Light from Initiation


The quality of light Sananda introduces here is a source we can draw on when we create consciously with light. He refers to it as ‘stable light’  and we might consider that its stability comes about both because it is shared by so many and because it reaches across dimensions, bridging the third and fifth dimensions. In this way we are welcomed as co-creators and may find our reality and the realities we visit are drawing closer to each other.

This inner journey guides you into an experience of stable light from the opening out or unfurling of connections you make within the dome of light. Characteristic of this opening out is plasma light. For all that it is highly dynamic, as the plasma light increases it takes on a stability. We might liken that development from dynamism to stability as being like scribbling with a crayon on a sheet of paper: initially very active and seemingly chaotic, the crayon covers more and more of the paper, until the whole sheet is uniformly coloured.

We will return to this stable light in subsequent sessions as we explore the process of creating with light, using it both as a raw material and as a way of locating ourselves. Being in this light, or being to some extent the light itself, helps you to open your own creative source to yourself,  letting your divine self become more fully present.

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