82: Collaboration at Soul Level

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Music by Thaddeus: Guardian Angels from Angels


We continue to build consciousness as we increase and explore connections. In this inner journey Sananda, your soul and your angelic sponsor are helping you to merge consciousness with many souls and with the angelic realms. This is not a one-off integration like switching on a light, but a process through time, governed by our capacity to hold comfortably the degree of love and light offered. 

It may be that the time required is for our personality selves to adjust and assimilate. Too great a contrast between different aspects of the personality can be stressful and create a kind of spiritual burnout. Perhaps the idea that a procession can only move at the speed of its slowest member might be a helpful way of understanding this.

This developing collaboration with our friends in the familiar city, with the soul planes and with the angelic realms helps us to hold and implement more of the Divine Plan. All of these connections, giving us some access to the soul planes and the angelic realms as well as the familiar city of light, offer us a big enough inner space to be able to witness the Divine Plan more fully and to understand more of how we may implement it in our lives. It is this we move onto in the next session.

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