77: Accessing the Fifth Dimension from Universal Day

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We move to an access route into the fifth dimension which can feel more under your control, in that you are not making the shift with the help of direct transmissions from Amaranth. Now you are combining two sets of skills that you have some familiarity with: creating of a dome of light and journeying to the plane of Universal Day.

However, receiving transmissions continues to be a very important part of the process for us. In this inner journey, soon after arriving at the plane of Universal Day, a downflow of light initiates your movement into the beginnings of fifth dimensional consciousness. You may find that at first you have little to report to yourself about this experience. The transmissions of light you are receiving through your heart centre are in effect keys to a new level of consciousness. Like walking into a new room, where it may take you several moments to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings, it takes time, practice and experience to find a degree of understanding that you can share with yourself. Let this take its own time, for this helps you relax into the experience.

At the heart of the journey, and intrinsic to life in the fifth dimension, is the sharing of consciousness. Here Sananda guides us into the sharing of presence, as an important aspect of consciousness that both we and beings for whom the fifth dimension is home have in common. Sharing presence is natural to us, but it may be that our emphasis on communication has inclined us to overlook its value. In subsequent sessions we will explore shared presence further, for Sananda sees it as a foundation stone for an earthly city of light.

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