76: Accessing the Fifth Dimension through Connection with Amaranth

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Music by ThaddeusSongs of the One Suite – 1 from Solar Light Transmissions


Having established within the dome of light in our last session a flow of connection with Amaranth, now we begin to explore the possibilities of the transmissions of light that Amaranth offers. These transmissions open up an easier or fuller access to the frequency patterns that usher in the fifth dimension.

They simultaneously offer you a path into a particular state of consciousness and help your etheric body to become more familiar with the dimensions beyond our current one. This is why in this inner journey the light transmitted takes more than one path. Putting it simply, the light moving directly to the light at the centre of your head is opening up the path along which you access the early stages of the fifth dimension while the light travelling from the third eye around the centres Sananda names is have a greater effect on the etheric body.

The frequencies that Amaranth transmits as Sananda holds a space for us are high. You may find that you do not have a clear sense of how they operate or what kind of reality they generate. If so, be reassured. Remember that you cannot grow without moving into the unknown, however briefly.

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