74: Divine Love within the Dome of Light

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Music by Thaddeus: Silent Majesty and Temple of Healing Love from Temple of the Masters


One of the ways in which we use the stillness that easily comes into being within the dome of light is to open to Divine Love. Learning to hold the frequency patterns of Divine Love in our awareness is a precious skill. Sananda helps you in this journey to draw Divine Love in and balance the inner and the outer by directing your attention to the movement of energy to the heart via the particular head centres that he has selected for us to explore. These are: third eye, high brow centre, crown, the centre behind the crown, the centre at the back of the head (bindu), well of dreams and gateway of heaven.

I suggest you allow the light and love you are drawing in through the third eye to circulate within the skull round to the spine without putting yourself under pressure to focus unduly closely on each centre. Let practice bring familiarity. This flow is stimulating the light at the centre the head, which in turn stimulates the flow between that centre and the heart. This then facilitates the emergence of your divine self to become more fully integrated with your human presence.

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